… good dog!

David Davis

Yup. Nice Gorebone…here!

The point is, anybody who says he/she is “green”, is a murderer. Of humans. Forget “animals” and plants; they are for us. I am so, so sorry, but someone has to say it first. You are thus on a level with Che Guevara (and your T-shirt is even less cool now than when I lambasted you before, no, I will NOT let you into my Club) Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Ceaucescu and Hitler, to name but some socialists.


3 responses to “ … good dog!

  1. I don’t really know why, but somehow I do agree with you. But we should all rationalize things and not get too many for in the future we would no longer have this place we live in or they wouldn’t have us.

  2. Giving importance to animals is something you should be proud of, you respect their lives the way every living creature should do.

  3. Animals are equally important as we are. Always keep in mind that we all co exist because we are part of a cycle that includes animals as well. So every living creature deserves respect as we deserve it.