Libertarian Alliance quote of the day … Polly Toynbee trashed on Guido

David Davis

From Guido:-

Polly Toynbee hates the contradictory “barrage” of comments that follow her articles because she has an over-inflated view of the value of her analysis. Many of us only read her articles for the pleasure of seeing them torn to shreds in the comments that interactively follow. Polly is highly paid and successful because she is a provocative columnist, not because she is a better analyst of social affairs than Frank Field. That is a valuable hack talent she shares with Richard Littlejohn…

4 responses to “Libertarian Alliance quote of the day … Polly Toynbee trashed on Guido

  1. I hope you’ll forgive me posting a comment that is off topic, and also that it is a bit rough round the edges.

    The shooting of that barrister by the Met police the other day troubles me. Sure he was drunk and was shooting off a shotgun; Sure he was supposed to be a crack shot, but …

    Well, firstly, according to press reports, they prevented his wife going to him to try to talk him out.

    Secondly, why did they not have non lethal equipment available. eg We use tranquillizer darts on zoo animals if they escape. Or what about: tear gas stun grenades or smoke bombs to get him out. Anyway, if they are such great snipers why can’t they shoot him in the shoulder?

    Thirdly, it was a shot gun, so there body armour made a dead policeman distinctly unlikely.

    Fourthly, the press reports say that they got five bullets in to him. How many shots do you need to stop a man with a shot gun?

    My gut reaction is that they like playing at soldiers, and that their training and mentality only allow for two solutions a man coming out with his hands on his head and a death.

    Incidentally, it never ceases to amaze me how people who are so against judicial execution can be so content to see police execution without a trial.

  2. David, is it too much hard work to link to the source of the quote? That’s what we readers expect. Who is Guido, we ask? Some of us may know you mean the Guido Fawkes blog, or presume you do, but which post on that blog? We see the quote and want to read the article it came from.

    If you want to grow your readership, you have to write for them. The web’s about linking to things, and the blogosphere is especially about that. I’m sorry to complain, but this kind of thing is frustrating and off-putting to us readers, and readers are what blogs are all about. You really need to welcome new readers in who happen to have casually wandered here, not write as if it’s just for your three best mates who know what you’re on about all the time.

  3. Ian, thanks for that, I have corrected it with a link.

    But please….please may i just say?

    I have a hard time doing this blog. it is the LA blog, but I am functionally unaided in it, apart from Sean Gabb, when he can, who also is a (very new) family man, and has like me,. other priorities!

    I have a wife who execrates me for “saving the f*****g world, instead of saving your family”, I have a job to do, children to beat, a wife to obey, and a household to pay for and run. Blogging is soemthing I willingly try to do for the LA to the best of my limited ability.

    I don’t even know what html is or how to write it – can you believe that?

    But I will continue to do what i can.

    Ian, you are such a loyal fan, that i wonder if you would like writing privileges here? I can set it up (i can do that at least) and I am sure the folks will not mind. We do have some “guest writers” who come on (rather infrequently).

  4. I though of Littlejohn before the end of the article. Do think he ever finishes his column and then sits there laughing and gasping before he heads off the the pub?