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David Davis

I can’t speak for the Libertarian Alliance’s members as a whole (and I would never presume to do so!) but we the Officers are generally persuaded that “Militant Islam” – or indeed even just plain vanilla unleaded Islam, as practised more or less harmlessly by most Moslems – is not the severe existential threat to Western Civilisation that our temporal “masters” in the, er, West thump the table about. We think they (our , er, “masters”….hurrrumph…make a suitable skeptical face here) do this in order to impose ever-more-draconian restrictions on our freedom and (worse) our thoughts and langauge in the course of, er, ordinary discourse.

Activities of this kind, by “masters”, constitute a part of the process of de-reasoning called “Political Correctness“.

The real threat to This Civilisation is really the evil scheming toads who have been through Western Universities after the GramscoEagletonian march through them by the socialist left. Most of them now have political power in the West, for that was (and IS) for them the whole point of their existence. There are indeed many, shocking though it may seem to real people in real countries, who have never had what you and I would call a “job”: they have gone seamlessly into the state bureaucracy after graduating, and have ended up as bureaucrats or stuff like MPs or “representatives”. These people have been corrupted into the human equivalent of Orcs (who as Tolkien students know were all made by Morgoth and his servants, in the Image of Elves) and as God gave Man the gift of Free Will, then it’s quite apparent that these people have therefore unquestionably chosen to do Evil freely, instead of to do Good.

However, there are even some evil toads labouring under Islam. Probably not as many as we have on our side, but irritating all the same.

This was on a hat-tip from Girl on the Right (see blogroll) and explains in a good Western way what is going on in Canada right now. Humour and ridicule directed towards your enemy is the cardinal weapon of Western liberal spin and propaganda (oh yes, we must have some too – it’s only fair) against unfathomable evil, and should be used more and more.

7 responses to “Canada Free Speech Threat Human Rights Commissions Mark Steyn Ezra Levant McLeans Magazine fun explanation of the facts

  1. Dave:

    What percentage of the population would self-identify as “Gramsco-Eagetonians” if asked in an opinion poll?

    Is there a Diagnostic Checklist for this condition? That way, untutored souls like me could start to work out who the “enemy” is.

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually met one.

    I have on the other hand had unpleasant encounters with Right Wing Authoritarians – Times readers, Sun readers and Daily Mail readers.

    Do tell!



  2. I don’t know, Tony.

    But although I guess that about 0.09213% would affirm that position, something like 8.0469% of adults over the age of 17 actually ought to if they were being honest, and if they knew what it meant. I’m sure Polly Toynbee (for example) would say that she was one, if “pressed”.

    And what’s wrong with Sun readers? I can sort of identify with your position re the moley dail (two-health-scares-a-week…the govt must “do more”) but that’s a left-wing position anyway…….? Isn’t it?

    Dunno about the Times. I don’t read it, finding it as I do rather unhelpful.
    Fond best, DD

  3. Dave:

    I still need a Diagnostic Checklist to help me identify these Gramscian-Eagletonians. You must have some idea what their core dogmas are, for you to be able to identify them.

    I didn’t mean to suggest that all Sun readers were Right Wing Authoritarians (though many of them must be, judging by the content). My experience includes bad experiences with people who were Sun readers. That’s all.

    The Sun purveys Vulgar Murdochism, whereas the Times purveys a more sophisticated Murdochism. A bit like the BNP and UKIP.

    For a while, I had a little job which involved putting the cod-wrappers on display for the customers. After spending some time reading the damn things, I realized that I just couldn’t do it with a good conscience. The “pissing in the swimming pool” sort of thing…



  4. Dave:

    To illustrate the issue, ask yourself how much of this were you aware of? On the cruel 7/7 hoax.



  5. I really still rightfully do not think that Ezra pursues, or believes in the Charter right of free speech for any one now but himself, not most any others,

    and he just seems not to mind bashing, bullying, slandering the Muslims as a Jew?

    and also anyone who does not go along with the very inadequate Albertan Conservatives too, as I had often seen firsthand, evident on his Alberta site..

    No one can now or should really take him seriously as a free speech advocate?

    Not when he clearly does not respect others Human rights?

    That is why they call him and the others like him Albertan rednecks still.

  6. thenonconformer;

    After seeing Ezra go toe to toe with Jonathan Rosenthal, as a jewish man arguing against the state apprehending a child for wearing a swastika, I would say he is honestly in favor of freedom of expression for everyone, not only himself.. so I question your suggestion to the contrary.

    But then, you give yourself away, when your comment is that he slanders Muslims “as a Jew”. How odd that the fact that he’s jewish for some reason qualifies your impression that he is slandering Muslims. And then, to make it very clear that reason has no place in your argument, you again give yourself away, seeking to further supplement your weak argument but pointing out that he is, gasp, an Albertan.

  7. you cannot question my reality, my witness, my experiencethat he had alloed me to be absued on his site, my freedom of speech denied

    .and it has been posted to all on the net too, the news media, major MPs, alberta’s human rigths commission and no one denied it except here…

    spin it all you want but he is a contro l freak even a typical Albertan type Conservative which i rightfuly do not deny as I had experienced in Calgary even for many many years

    All good, decent people in Canada rather are clearly a threat to this Western Canadian Conservatives

    Dion a threat to the West Calgary Herald, Canada – … vain hope that they can turn those feelings into enough votes to dethrone Prime Minister Stephen Harper whenever he gets around to calling an election. …

    NDP prepares star candidate for Westmount
    The Gazette (Montreal), Canada – 10 hours ago
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has until July 26 to set a date for the vote. It is widely expected to be held in September along with a second by-election in …

    All good, decent people in Canada rather are clearly a threat to the undeniable too often self centered, greedy, immoral, abusive West meaning Alberta mostly..

    Beware always of men and women, bullies, tormentors, control freaks, persons, civil and public servants, politicians, pastors, leaders, elders, who falsely do, will try to enslave you, oppress you, exploit you

    Is 51:23 .. your tormentors {and} oppressors, those who said to you, Bow down, that we may ride {or} tread over you; and you have made your back like the ground and like the street for them to pass over.