Britain might still get a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/European-Constitution…

…..But I doubt it. HOWEVER…the guvmint is currently being trounced, even more heartily than predicted, in the “polls” (I nearly said “proles”.) It might yet back down, especially in the face of Ireland and the forthcoming referendum over the water there, which Our Brothers have been allowed.

The Irish ought to be our brothers and friends – I have always said this, here, on Eurorealist and on other places in the long past. They saved the world, after all.

David Davis

For the benefit of our overseas readers, who may not be familiar with governments that promise one thing aboslutely, and then brazenly refuse in public to do it, all three major parties here promised explicitly a referendum on our acceptance of the EU Constitution and its adoption officially by Treaty at Lisbon. (Our acceptance as a nation; that is to say, whether we the British wish to abolish ourselves and cause the UK to cease to exist…)

Here’s some stuff just come in:-

Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008 11:27 AM
First round to Stuart Wheeler – bless him!   

This is just about the first time that anyone has succeeded in any court in making any dent at all in the megalith that is the EU’s domination of all it surveys.
This is merely the first step and it should encourage every one of us to back Stuart Wheeler to the hilt – in words and deeds.  He, unlike some more hotheaded bretherrn did his homework and found a legal loophole in the government’s case.


Don’t let it be drowned by all the churning examination of the election results.

“Why I am suing the Prime Minister”  by Stuart Wheeler

On 22 April there was a hearing in the High Court of my action against the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary, in which I seek a judicial review of their refusal to hold a referendum on whether the Lisbon Treaty should be ratified.

Judgement was reserved. This meant that the judge needed time to consider the arguments and would give his decision later. 
2 May 10:00 a.m. – I am delighted to say that in his judgement delivered at the High Court this morning Mr Justice Owen decided that permission to apply for judicial review would be granted to me. In other words the result of the hearing last week is that we won. I expect to put more information on this website shortly.

Although I am the person bringing the action it is, in effect, on behalf of all those of us – well over half the population – who want our say in a referendum.  There are, I believe, two reasons why there should be a referendum:
1. The Labour Party, as well as the other two main parties, made an unambiguous promise that they would call one. They should keep that promise.
1. The Treaty is immensely important and so, irrespective of whether you think it should be ratified or not, you should be allowed a vote on it.
The legal case is enormously expensive and I need help to pursue it. I am very grateful indeed for those who have already given me financial support. If you would like to help please make cheques payable to Stuart Wheeler Lisbon Litigation Account and send them to me with this contribution form.
If you need to know anything else which is not covered by this website please e-mail me at 



One response to “Britain might still get a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/European-Constitution…

  1. Much as I wish this judicial review well, I am sure it has a snowball’s chance in hell. Even if he is lucky enough to get judgment in the High Court which is extremely unlikely, it is sure to get overturned by the Court of Appeal or House of Lords.

    Put more simply: Do you really think the higher reaches of our judiciary are full of patriots?

    Having said that I think it is worth doing, if only to reveal the true nature of our political leaders, our laws and of our judiciary.