No more “global warming”? That’s a problem for “policy makers” (what are those, please?)

David Davis

Here we discover what has happened to “Global warming’s missing heat”. It was never going to arrive in the first place. “Reason magazine reports Reuters commenting on an article in “Nature”.

When I were a nipper, “Nature” was globally regarded as a sound and objective science journal. The school paid for us to have it in the Chemistry library, along with the new Scientist – another one that’s gone to the Gore-dogs. It seems no longer. When great and old journals, such as this and the scientific American, spend more and more pages trying to lobby “policy” “makers”, for left-popular political strategies, and less and less time doing real-science-reporting, it’s time to build libraries, and stock them with hard knowledge.

As the planet cools (as it will when the Sun’s radiated output starts to fall to another Maunder minimum in about 100-150 years) and as the great global warming scam-scare unravels bloodily in public, what are the greenazis going to think of next, to hobble Man in a pre-capitalist barbarian time-warp, again?

WHAT, I ask, WHAT? WHAT is it about the socialists, global-warm-mongers and Gaians? Why, exactly (for I do not know and can’t tell) do they hanker for a mythical, pre-modern, supposedly neo-pastoralist “golden age”, in which Man was “in harmony” with “his” “environment”? Which is to say that his life was risky, often brutal, hard, painful and fairly short, and he had to spend 97.2%+++ of his time trying to simply grow (if lucky) (or find) food and eat it.

What, I beg to ask, is wrong with simply agreeing that the Christian West, liberalism and Hard Science have – in that order – won the battle for Human Survival? And not only that – they have won it for All Mankind? Look guys. we offer you all this knowledge, and for nothing!

We even gave you the internet, so you didn’t have to get out of your chairs or sign anything, to see that we are right. You don’t even have to go to a sodding library, where all the useful books have been cleaned out because they are written by dead white bourgeois male mysogynist conservative Christian twats.

Get out more. Get a life. Do some work (and stop singing work-songs.) Stop wearing Che Guevara t-shirts (no, you must not, really! It’s even less cool than when I criticised you before, and I think even the Guardian and the Indymoney will look down on you now for that.)

One response to “No more “global warming”? That’s a problem for “policy makers” (what are those, please?)

  1. about time something was done about the climate change con, a huge excuse to tax us to the hilt, place the lives of third world occupants at risk by starvation, and scare our children who think they are going to fry or freeze. If climate change were really true would government members and elite really fly personal planes, drive huge cars, eat huge banquets after flying privately across the globe. People, start to think, please