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And … it’s no use telling me to go for “Line-Ux” or “Geek-OS” or any such stuff (always free! Why?)

David Davis

If it was any good (or at least, useable by non-techies who have wives and families to socialise with (or else!) and do NOT have all the time in the world to drink coffee night after night after night as single tech-geeks pleased to do nothing but “solve” “problems”), then they’d be able to sell it, surely?

Here’s some more stuff about the torments endured by the British State Police, in the execution of their “monthly” “Targets”.


Now, I had, about 11 minutes ago, updated this beautifully with great libertarian thoughts. But for some reaosn i was cut off and it was not saved, even as a wordpress draft, which I find upsetting. I can’t be arsed to think of it all again as I am still very angry about the virus attack on my machine, which I regard as a personal assault.

But, either attitudes to crime and punishment among “legislators” will have to change, or “the” “Police” will simply have to go. The latter is more difficult as it will be hard to find the few dozen Policemen needed for a few months, after a Hard Libertarian Political Triumph even in a minimal-statist political climate.

Post number 626 (below) is nasty and vindictive because I am angry, my time has been wasted, and my computer, which is a weapon of war against socialists, slowed. I am somewhat displeased. See below.

David Davis

See below.

When I find these people, the antispywaremaster buggers and cunts, then I shall kill them.

I shall come to your country on Easyjet. I shall kill you. Yes. And then, having disposed of my rubber gloves and my blood-preeof bin-liner (do you know what one of those is?) in an incinerator the use of which I shall have (not) bribed one of your officials for since (it) , (the offical) is untrustworthy, I shall go home again. I’m a Lancashire bumpkin, and, you know, we do this sort of thing to feral animals all the time: and we think nowt of it. Nowt. Nada. Zilch. Like Stalin, we are “serious”, so better not to anger plu.

NB: I’m NOt just getting at alienated-Ukrainian-Geeks – (and presumably Russian ones, seeing how much money is stolen from paypal-customers by same) – there must be some anti-Western American virus-writing geeks also, presumably because they hate “Micro Soft” and “Bill Gates” for taking the precious mysteries of computing and “giving them to everyone” – albeit in an imperfect form…but that, I would say, is better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick – for we can’t all learn quickly how to “write” “code”.


“Antispywaremaster” … can anybody in the commentariat tell me what to do about it?

David Davis

Oh, and I’ve researched some other death-torments for writers of “antispywaremaster”, not just this one below (I didn’t invent it – ask me who did it first.) Shall I publish them then?

This sort of stuff we have to face just wastes so much time, and I am so so angry. Time is all we have,  after all, to fight socialism and eraze it form humanity’s memory before we die, which is a duty.

I am writing this on another machine, for safety. “Antispywaremaster” is a very clever device which does all the things you can google about. Perhaps some of you have seen it, even. YOU don’t download it – it comes to YOU.

(1) It takes away your desktop, and nothing works except >ctrl-alt-del< which brings up windows task manager. You can then find your desktop by typing in the path, as if it was a command-line. Good so far.

(2) Then it pretends you have spyware and infected files “on your computer”. It also pretends you have what it calls “ILLEGAL PORN”. It even throws some up for you and you can’t close the browser window before you wife comes into the room.

(3) Whatever button you click on, it downloads itelsef to your machine.

(4) It originates in the Ukraine. These people want to be the Friends of the West: they should know better than to do what they do.

Oh, and it hijacks your registry-settings and buggers about with them. Now and then, sort of randomly, so you don’t know what will work when you press anything. Or not.

I will get rid of it somehow, but in the meantime,#

(A) The penalty for doing what they do, will be DEATH. When I find them, I will butcher them. Alive, as follows.

(B) It will be slow and protracted.

(C) PLease note: the following process in this section (C) may take up to 40 or 50 minutes…you need a strong stomach to continue…A virus writer may be hung up, upside down, by its (a virus-writer is always a man and a sort of male geek – why?) feet, with its hands tied behind its back. An executioner, carefully enveloped in a blood-proof binliner, will get a medium meat-cleaver (fairly sharp, so as to “do” bone), and, working from the front, will go down the death-ee from the crotch, downwards, to halfway up the breastbone, past the lower (now upper) ribs, quite slowly, using small strokes, but getting in as far as the aorta but not cutting it at all, nor the renal arteries, nor the hepatic artery, not the hepatic portal vein… The blood-hydrostatic pressure needs to be kept up as far as possible for as long as possible. This will need some skill.

(D) The death-ee/virus-writer may be given, forcibly, vasodilator drugs beforehand, by injection, while it is being held down, to stop it bleeding too much too fast while being slowly opened from its front by the executioner.

(E) The death-ee is upside down, so as to keep blood-pressure into its brain as high as possible for as long as possible.

(F) The death-ee will be left to die but will be given amphetamines by injection periodically, to maintain blood pressure and consicousness.

if Ukrainian people are dong this sort of virus stuff, then these particular individuals have not learnt the first elsson about how we behave in the West. These individuals deserve to live under the shadow of communism and Putin the Pig, for ever.


“Is Tony Blair Evil” … new search engine string

People are learning. At last.

Well, under socialism, what did we expect to happen…?

…when the Police are turned into an occupying army and tool of State Destruction of liberal institutions, and the Army is sent far far away to do policing jobs…

David Davis

Is Gordon ramsay a woman? Does that explain anything?

David Davis

Lovely search-engine string just now: “how did gordon ramsay learn her trade”