Whose side exactly is the “News of the World” on? In a socialist world, it would be closed down, the male journalists shot and the female journos (many, many I think) raped – and then shot.


I do not think that North Korea, Red Ken’s favourite country after Venezuela (pretty girls and oil to seize for his heavies’ limos) and Cuba (pretty girls for the price of a Pepsi but no oil to seize for his heavies’ limos), and the objective toward which he ploughs, using the money of Londoners, has many newspapers like the “News of the World”.

David Davis

This afternoon I chanced on this:-


I do not know who “Lord Laidlaw” is – never heard of him. Apparently he has a “Sex” “addiction”, and has had it for years.

What a great guy! How lovely for him, and for the rest of us as human beings, for it to be realised that sex is so nice.


He’s learnt what it’s about.

He has had the good fortune to chance upon the knowledge, sufficiently early in life to come to a fixed policy-position which he has clearly followed to the end of his strength. That is to say, that the exquisite thrill you get when having sex, with a girl – as is natural. I mean, who else, as a Man, can you have sex with?


I’m not denigrating homosexuals, who may very well be sincere human beings, and many are indeed libertarians, but what they (say that they) are having is not actually sex, which is strictly defined by Scientists – is, er, ummmmm, great.

Apart form anything else, no functioning or living Libertarian would kill, stone-to-death or sacro-religiously push walls over, onto anyone who described himself/herself as a homosexual/lesbian. It’s your choice, people, coz’ you said so, and it’s your lives and not ours.]

But anyway, to business: this “Lord” has decided he likes sex with girls. A lot. Wonderful!  (They might even be pretty – I do hope so for his sake, and for their earning power….) Why does he have to apologise, and to whom, and what business is it of a British “national” “News” “Paper” what he does in his spare time?

And all this sad business about praising his “long-suffering wife….” ….they all do it. Why? Is that what the PR firm tells them to do, to hide the hypocrisy of the report being in the open in the first place?

As the great departed comedian Benny Hill, the greatest debunker of “political correctness” since Churchill or Dave Allen, said once (if not more often that that even):

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. If you enjoyed it today, then you can always do it again tomorrow.”

It is not exactly clear to me what business it is of “The News of the World”, or indeed its readers, how “Lord Laidlaw” spends his money and his free time. They ought not to be execrating it. They should be extolling it. 

If “Lord Laidlaw” (must be a made-up name, unless he is from the Scottish Lowlands) wants to shag several “working girls” at once, or even invite his friends to help out, and pay for them like a good host ought, then should not the paper then be declaiming the delights of this activity, and its rewards (a lovely feeling for a few seconds at a time, for the man, every few hours, and lots of money for the woman/women) to the “deserving poor” – so that they can aspire towards something to achieve in this life, and to work for? 

A point that ought to be made about “Sex Addiction” is that, unlike (arguably) Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco addiction, it disadvantages nobody and has no ill-health effects, not even for the people nearby to the addict. The “addict” is very happy all the time because he has a lot of sex, he suffers no bodily ill-effects (quite the contrary in fact) and the other participant, if of the right sex, get a lot of fun too, if willing. (If not, then it’s called rape, and we have lots of laws about that, so there!)

Moreover, if the “News of the World” wants to continue to sell copies of its “News”  “Paper”, then it ought to be promoting the benefits of “Sex Addiction”, particularly in “Tories” – and especially near election times – otherwise it will have nothing for its journos to write about on the dead-tree-material it uses.

I hear about all this stuff, and I really get PISSED OFF, that the entire world gets to think that the British people, the progenitors and originators of the idea of liberalism, and the idea that nobody else ought to interfere in your life’s arrangements unless you hurt them, actually get exercised about this sort of news……

…..After all, aren’t we, according to the same paper, supposed to be having acres of delicous sex, all the time, with all sorts of people? So if so, what’s the news in this report?

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