I hope that he is right

David Davis


“When the people feel they are being made subject to laws in which they feel they have played no part and taxes to which they have never consented, respect for both law and government is undermined. Our tradition for order and peaceful change is based not only on the character of our own people but on an enduring, if tacit, bargain between Government and governed that the former will play fair and will be scrupulous in how they deal with the people’s rights. But if Governments do not play fair, if they behave in a way people consider to be in itself
unconstitutional, there is evidence enough in British history to show we are not a docile people but a very determined and fierce one indeed”.
Lord Peter Shore 1992

2 responses to “I hope that he is right

  1. David, Home Secretary-elect, absolutely top drawer.


  2. An excellent quote – I’ve added it to my file of quotes worth keeping.

    Lord Peter Shore was a former MP of the SDP or the Labour party, wasn’t he?

    Could you imagine any of the New Labour people saying something like that and meaning it? (Frank Field or Kate Hoey perhaps, but neither of them is New Labour.)