“Join British Army”

A search-engine string that hit us today, suddenly, on the port beam, in a heavy following sea……they do that, you know. You just don’t see them coming, the radar’s sort of quiet, but then you find you have to say something, to plug the hole in the hull. Hard business, running a Ship. Better call the Pusser to issue Grog to the Men. Everyone in the port/after-PO’s mess is soaked through, and angry.

The point about the British Army is that, if one is into armies and is either a libertarian, a liberal or a conservative (what is the practical difference in political terms?) and therefore knows truly what armies are for in this new, slightly un-nerving 21st-century world in which humorous but badly-challenged mountebanks like “Al” “Gore” and somebody else called “Putin” or “Ahmadinejad” or “Mugabe” or whatever it is, are disporting themselves for the benefit of the wireless tele bumboys at the BBC,  then it is the real thing.

Sorry, that sentence was too long. I will re-edit it. Later.

David Davis

Now I wonder why anybody, today, would want to do that thing, given the following:

(a) No body-armour (not like working for proper Defence-Ministers like in the USA or France)

(b) Calumnical criticism by non-combatant Maxist turds and toads, masquerading as “teachers”, who go round schools telling you how nasty and horrid the British Army is.

(c) No proper American or South-African vehicles (I bet the Israelis have got some too, God bless them! Let’s make them an offer) to protect you from “mines” (MINES for God’s sake? How low-tech can you go? No t*******d’s mine can be THAT big, even if bought from North Korea and pretending to be nuclear) or IEDs – I thought these were contraceptives until I listened to that Iranian madman who captured our whole navy last year.

One response to ““Join British Army”

  1. Let’s just set up some private defense companies and be done with the whole national army thing…