Tomorrow is St George’s Day. In the twilight of nations, it’s good to think on what we’ve done and could do.

David Davis

I would like “England” to be an idea. Really. It is so good and so right, so inevitable if you take to its logical conclusion the philosophy of Natural Rights together with ordinary conservatism, which is to say “liberalism” (our definition, not the Democrats’) which is what humans do when left alone to get on with stuff that needs to get done. 

We ought to be so deeply proud of what we (really) are and what we have done, and can still do, that the entire world of all human beings ought to be given the chance to be part of it.

We nearly did it, so very nearly. This was the closest that Man got to “take-off”, ever. (Read Paul Johnson’s “Enemies of Society“.) The British Empires (the Second one, ended 1776, and the Third one, possibly still alive?), the latter originally meant to be run by a man and a couple of boys just out of Oxbridge, did more good, to more people, for less loss of life per billion people per unit time, than any other human institution – and it wasn’t even planned.

The great truth that England – the UK, whatever’s your bacon here – is an idea, is behind the last 60 years’ institutionalised destruction, by Marxo-Gramscians including tragically many, many native ones, of whatever can be dubbed an “English” (or even British?) icon, custom, saying, object, word, or place (such as Southern Rhodesia) or even a joke.

Never, never underestimate your enemy. If he is this thing, then he has probably realised that you are so right that he has to Invoke the Devil in order to destroy you. All the evidence points to the fact that this civilisation to which we belong, and to which we gave birth, engenders hate in pre-barbarian-blood-ridden competitors that is out of all proportion to our size, population, and age.

Long Live St George, whoever he might have been.


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