Judith Hatton – Rare Video Footage from 2005

6 responses to “Judith Hatton – Rare Video Footage from 2005

  1. Sorry to be offtopic – but Dave could you please consider turning off the ‘Snap Preview’ feature on your wordpress links? Am I alone in finding them incredibly irritating?

    There is a simple guide here:

    Ta, Pete

  2. I’ll try to see about it. Some other people in the past had said they found it useful so I left it on. I use it a lot. But if it’s real bummer, could some of you other people here tell me and I’ll deal with it.

  3. I like Snap Preview so much, I added it to my own site!

  4. Well, there you are. Let’s take a vote. Pete wants it off, and I see his point as a user of this site who likes stuff they way he’d like it, and Sean and I want it on, and I see ours too.

    But I’ll leave the election open for 10 days. On 30th April as 23.59pm, GMT (that is to say, 00.59 BST on 1st May 2008) I will review the comments, and also any emails I and Sean get directly if any.

    We want people to be happy with this blog, but let’s give enough time for others to respond too.

    Then we’ll take a decision.

    Do YOU as a blog user of this blog, want snap preview or not? PLEASE tell us.

  5. Fair enough, if you guys like it then it is what it is :)

    I think I can probably figure out a way of blocking it on my side so you chaps don’t have to bother turning it off.

  6. It’ll be useful to see what the other guys say Peter, as I never thought of this problem, so I’ll leave the straw poll open anyway.