Today, we welcome Harriet Harman MP to our blogroll

David Davis

This is of course to show that we want to be inclusive, and not just a saddo bunch of ageing white mysogynist tory suburban non-differently-abled male prats. So we’ve chosen to feature, in “eyecatching initiatives with which this blog can be associated”, a prominent lefty blog. Go on, go and give the Horrid Hardbint a rough time, then. I’m sure she’d come to appreciate it.

9 responses to “Today, we welcome Harriet Harman MP to our blogroll

  1. This is surely a joke? I mean that CAN’T be her actual blog … right?

  2. Pete C:

    That’s what I rather thought, but I posted a serious comment there to gauge the reply. The site does link to here…

    I think Harriet Harman is intelligent and attractive. Only politics could make Dave hate her the way he does. Would you rather spend an evening with Harriet Harman or Margaret Thatcher? >:-}



  3. I have no clue, Pete!

    It does say “Harriet Harman”, doesn’t it?

    If it is, then let’s lynch the bastard barbarian pre-capitalist bint. Let’s shove her up Polly Toynbee’s thingy, head-first – if PT has even got one, that is.

    If it is not, and it’s run by another ageing white mysogynist tory suburban non-differently-abled male prat such as me, or you, or the Devil (?) then the owner will appreciate all the stuff coming in, which the British State’s security-kripos call “product”.

    He then will have lots of “product” to recycle and re-satirise. Also, the true level of anti-horrid-hardbint-sentiment in the nation 9which I suspect is quite high) will be exposed and discovered.

    That is what the bolgosphere is for after all.

  4. Tony, I have to believe you have been drinking, or lost you marbles in some way. or you are just winding us up and doing what the Scousers down the rod call “‘avvin-a-luff”.

  5. Ok I jumped the gun, that’ll teach me to comment before reading a new sheet of (wonderfully satirical) blogroll further … :)

  6. Tony, my dear chap,

    I can see your marbles. They are under your desk……, not there, just go further left……down…..yup…. down….there! Can you see them now? Ok… get them, and p-p-p-put them back in wherever they are supposed to go in your skull. Yup. Like that. There, that’s better, isn’t it! I didn’t think you meant that stuff about the Hardbint, at all, really! very fond rgds, D

    Oh, and Thatcher got a First in chemistry at Somerville. She only became a lawyer, and a politician, later. (Shame about the college.)

  7. Dave:

    Hey, I don’t drink! (Well, a glass of Bailey’s sometimes, or a chilled Lambrusco in summer).

    I can’t help it. Thatcher does nothing for my hormones. And these days, I could never forget her saying:

    “We can do business with Mr. Mugabe.”

    Like Hell we can…



    PS: Can you not forget Harriet Harman’s politics for a while? She’s attractive! >:-} >:-}

  8. Dave:

    And I share a birthday with Harriet Harman (and Sharon Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger).

    And I contributed to her salary when she was at NCCL (LIBERTY).

    And she’s cute! >:-}



  9. Dave:

    And she drives at 99mph…

    She’s feisty!

    These things all count in her favour.



    PS: Sharon Stone’s birthday is wrong. Oops!

    PPS: I got an unconvincing reply on that blog you listed.