London Mayoral election 1st May 2008: your opportunity to annoy the politerati and cause a stir …

David Davis

We all agree that insofar as city-states need to be “run”, there should be as little government as possible – as indeed the first front cover of “Free Life” said;

“What we want is a government so small that it doesn’t matter where it is, what it does, who they are or how they got there”.

Having of course said that, the least potentially-destrucive of all the candidates is Boris. (I bet you all 5p that my good friend Tony Hollick will disagree with me, but then this statist-bashing is all good knockabout fun and I don’t mind at all, I’m sure he don’t either. Tony will of course remember the cartoon, I think he was there when it was being drawn?)

American readers, who I believe are still allowed to elect lots of different sorts of local bureaucrat or county factotum and quite frequently too, may perhaps not understand the rumpus in the UK about tis particular contest in London. London matters because:

(1) It is a model for stalinists trying to exert their surveillance/control/general-socialism culture nationwide,

(2) It is one of the few places here that has something as important as a “Mayor” that you can actually elect,

(3) It’s about 25% of the British economy (a guess, I could be a bit wrong there) and if hived off, would have the economy of a fairly large country on its own, such as Holland or Spain, or California even.

Now, the existing Mayor, a well-known fascist pigtsnouter and Stalinist Jew-baiter, has “previous” – he got himself grifted in as “leader” of the “Greater London Council” (I think he meant “Leader” to be seen in the North Korean sense, even then) in 1980, after someone else, an Andrew Mackintosh (also a lefty but not a bad smelly evil-doing stalinist one, just a “democrat”) had been publicly elected to the post.

Thatcher at least managed to close down the GLC, but sadly she did not manage to gain agreement to have all its senior leaders tried for crimes against London, and shot in Trafalgar Square. This was an oversight on her part which Londoners now have lived to regret in spades.

“Ken”, whose face I saw grinning malevolently all over billboards when I last visited poor benighted London in 2006 – I think he was exhorting “citizens” to “save water” (together we are working towards….mumble groan whinge rhubarb knickers etc etc etc) has turned London into a fiefdom of his own highly paid lazy moochers (see Ayn Rand for who they are.) Nothing works properly, everything smells, there are raging giant articulated buses everywhere which won’t tell you where they go to,won’t let you on if you just want to pay with metal money (my boy and I found that terrifying and foreign and decided to take tubes, but that was worse and we spent £30 on nothing) and then the passengers scream at you to bugger off so they can be driven on  – oh, it’s mad I tell you) and you have to have “ID” – whatever that is, to do anything.

Here’s what a friend relayed this morning – for London readers of this blog, and for the instruction of our friends overseas:

Subj: London Mayor tactical voting!! 
Date: 16/04/2008 09:59:39 GMT Daylight Time

For those readers in the London area who have had no guidance as to how the system of voting for the London Mayor works…
… here’s the guide!  

The long and the short of it is that the actual choice will be between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone.  These two seem bound to lead in 1st preferences and it therefore will depend on 2nd preferences (in the 2nd column)  as to who finally wins.

Therefore there are a number of options open to voters.

IF you are determined to do everything to herlp one of the two above give first preference votes to Boris or Ken.  You do NOT have to give a second preference.  

If you have a dream of a English Democrat or BNP or Green or UKIP mayor give first preference to them but give 2nd preference vote (in the 2nd column) tpo either Ken or Boris, whicvhever you prefer.

IF you prefer Ken or Boris as Mayor but want to cause a stir and wake up the political establishment give your first preferences to BNP and the 2nd preferences to Ken or Boris.  

If you do the last option the media will scream blue murder and the politicians might notice.  Doing the same tactic with any other party will go totally unnoticed!


Since the BNP is the only major party in the UK (apart from LPUK of course) that behaves actually as if it’s listening to voters who are drowning, franchistically-speaking, in the tide of corporato-leftist-big-government, the last two short paras above may be for you. I don’t think the Libertarian Party of the UK is fielding a condidate this time, but I could hope so. I have always advocated the formation of a UK Libertarian Party as you all know.




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