Hot dog-shit watch update horror pictures “God angry – report”

David Davis

Are not Mayors supposed to come round and clean up dogshit? Er…oh, sorry, that’s a Nazi assumption. You see how difficult it can be to do the cold-turkey and de-statify yourself. Of course the perpetrator ought to do it (her)self. Dogs are walked around Lancashire by women, and not by “Mayors”. Believe me, I know.

Following on from yesterday, here’s what someone did in the night.


1. Lib. 1. v.13:

“And God descended from Heaven in the night. And lo, He was Wroth, that His Word had been ignored and passed-by, and He smote the moochers and slairs of which the animals had defiled the Way of the Lord. ”

1. Lib.1. v.14:

“Yea verily, He flung them from Him, and He cast them, together with their beasts which knew not the Road from the temptations of Beelzebub, into the Outer Darkness, and into a Pit of Fire”.

1. Lib.1. v.15:

“And God caused to be revealed Letters of Fire, saying; >Behold! I know all that Man can knoweth. Whosoever shall sin, and whichever of his chattels of his house, and whichever of his beasts shall have sinned, then his sin is known unto me!”<


“Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. >I will repay<“.

5 responses to “Hot dog-shit watch update horror pictures “God angry – report”

  1. Howard R Gray

    Who gives a sh*t? We have dirty dog police in NY, aka the sanitation dept. Poop and scoop is the name of the game.

    My only problem with all this, is the dark sense that this is all about compulsion by stealth. The detail here is that if someone else’s dog poops and you don’t scoop you get the fine! All very trivial but socialist. Am I wrong in suspecting that all this is just conditioning people to obey however unfair the process is? Somehow these “laws” just don’t quite come out fair when put into action.

    To cap it all, some of my doggy owner neighbours let their hounds, unbidden by me, onto my lawn/garden to unload their pooch’s recent dinners, perhaps to avoid me having to pay a fine for any mess they might have left on the sidewalk (pavement) otherwise. Nice! Just one of those side effects, of scoop and poop laws, that results in the poop going private on someone else’s property i.e. mine.

    Much like the two finger wheelie bin test for garbage disposal in the UK along with poop and scoop laws, sanitation policing in the US and the UK is a fact of life. One has a desire to give “them” the two finger salute (or the middle finger salute here in Brooklyn) for all this pettifogging mindless micro Orwellian annoyance. Again and again, I was summonsed for other people’s dog deposits and garbage left on my patch. All summonses, bar one, were resisted successfully. It is just tedious to have to do the work of resisting.

    Yes, this is all very trivial but it is part of the thin end of a wedge that obtrudes further and further into our daily lives at a trivial level but sooner or later it will be more cogent in destroying liberty in the name of dog sh*t hygiene. More of the usual bovine fertilizer dished up as good for us.

    Yes David I would like to guest once a month or so email me or call.

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  3. Dave:

    If the EU tried to ban dogs, you’d be all over them. If they insisted that dogs stayed indoors, or on peoples’ property, you’d be on their case. Whatever they do (or don’r do) you’d be on their case.

    Tell me this:

    How would private road-owners resolve this? How would Tesco deal with dogs crapping in their stores??

    “What use is a dog?”

    [ FX: “What use is a baby??” ]

    And I don’t particularly _like_ dogs (except for Alsatians and Samoyeds and a few others). I’m a ‘cat person.’ Cats bury their doo-doo.

    Clean up the crap, DNA-test the crap-maker, and send their owner the bill. Have DNA-sampling be part of the responsibility of owning a fouling animal. Restitution… Way to go… No wading through open sewers. FFS…



    PS: Can’t someone invent a “Dog Diaper”?

  4. John Eight Thirty-Two

    What you said, Tony Hollick. We need a dog DNA database. The dog-shit patrol can collect samples from dogwalkers. If we can’t match the individual, we might at least be able to specify the perp’s breed. Make me the dog-shit czar. I’ll clean this mess up!