More about dog shit on streets, and how not to fall into Nazi ways

…of dealing with it.

David Davis

Here’s what we do in cloggie-land, ‘oop-north….the yellow paint will persist for a number of days as it is acrylic-based.

Whoever it was who left it, forgot that is was bang in the middle of the pavement, right outside our property. I am sure this was an oversight on (her) part; I know who it is…I (er) think. The shit is the right size and general composition to be from a particular dog which I would recognize.

I think it was the poor woman at whom I had a go a few days ago, see this earlier post. The nazi thing to do is to invoke the Law as it stands and to call the state-dog-exterminators to go round to her, seize her computers, take her DNA (which ought to be her Copyright) and generally make her life miserable, but I don’t think that’s right, if we think we ought to live in a Free World. She should come and remove it herself.

And as the State owns the pavements, this means that “nobody” does, so if they have paint on them it is “nobody’s” responsibility…it’ll wash off in time, long after the dogpoo is gone, and will act as a reminder of civil behaviour.

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