BURNING FOOD … How biofuels will break banks and harm people

David Davis

Well, (some of) you read (some of) it here first at the LA. I recall that we were lambasting “Bio Fuels” before the mainstream media did (can’t put my finger on hte excat post right now.) But here’s a little taster (sorry!) of developing opinion:

Rioting breaks out over food price rises – biofuels are to blame say World Bank, FAO, UNHCR and IMF

The FT reports that food price rises are wiping out a decade of efforts to combat global poverty, according to the World Bank, IMF and the Food and Agricultural Organisation. The organisations were unanimous that biofuels were part of the reason for the price rises, which have increased 45 percent in the past 9 months. The conclusions were echoed by Gordon Brown, who yesterday called for a review of the effect of biofuels on food prices: “For the first time in decades, the number of people facing hunger is growing.” As the FAO issued another warning about the threat of social unrest in developing countries, riots have broken out in Haiti over soaring food prices, claiming five lives. Unrest is also reported in West Africa and Egypt. The BBC Today Programme reports that the army is now involved in food distribution in Bangladesh – a major food importing country.  Meanwhile, AFP reports that price rises are pushing unions in Europe towards confrontation and strike action against employers.


Antonio Gutierrez, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, interviewed on the Today programme, said that targets for biofuels “need to be reconsidered, because it is having an unexpected but meaningful negative impact on the food markets”.

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3 responses to “BURNING FOOD … How biofuels will break banks and harm people

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  2. All hype and scare tactics. We can make fuel from wood chips, grass, food wastes, and a great source by the ton – algee from water treatment plants. We dont need to be taking food off of plates to fuel our cars. I dont want to eat grass and wood chips- why not process them?- Brilliant. Saying we will all starve if we use renewable fuel comes from a money fat oil industry.

  3. I have no quarrel with using stuff like wood chips and the like.
    I do, and will, oppose to the end of my strength, the use of food-growing land, which is for people, for raising say sugar cane for “bio-ethanol” – or, worse – for there is absolutely no excuse for this, and Bush ought to know better – covering the USA with cornfields for fuel and not food.
    If God had not intended us to have a highly-advanced, high-energy-deploymeny-civlisation for all people, then He would not have set the Laws of Physics so that hydrocarbons exist in shagloads all over the observable Universe, even in hundred-cubic-mile-amounts in the accesible planetary crust.
    Abiogenic carbon fuels are for us to burn, and for making useful kit such as plastic bags, phones, cars, iPods, paint, clothing, houses, aircraft-cockpit-canopies etc.
    Without the oil indistry which you execrate, we would be living somewhere in the mid-19th century, and life would be a bit more brutish and shorter than it already is – and that’s for the developed world; it’d be worse still for the rest.