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Bioethanol crime burning food atrocity murder children corn life

David Davis

Libertarian Alliance quote of the day….from our good and right friends at Delaware Libertarian…

The Stupidity of Ethanol in a single sentence

Peg, at A Secondhand Conjecture

, finds a sentence that cuts to the heart of the matter:


Every fill of the tank with ethanol uses the same amount of corn a child would eat in a year, and let’s not even talk about the amount of potable water used to grow the corn in the first place.

Sort of makes fossil fuels seem more rational, huh?

And this is what peter Hitchens thinks of the Tories, in his Mail on Sunday thingy


David Davis

A BLAST FROM THE PAST… libertarianism versus Conservatism – a debate.

This was published by us in 1989, as “Libertarian Alliance Pamphlet number 14” – that takes you back, doesn’t it; we were young then, Thatcher was in power, Gorbachev obeyed every word she said, the Berlin Wall was about to come down, and all was sweetness and light!

“Bliss was it, in that very dawn, to be alive”.

Here as a pdf

Here’s what it broadly contains:-

I Gerry Frost: What Good Is The State?

II Chris R. Tame: The Bankruptcy of Conservatism

III Gerry Frost: Libertarians Versus Liberty

IV Chris R. Tame: Libertarianism Versus Conservatism

V Chris R. Tame: Some Second Thoughts

Chris Tame and Gerry Frost debate the relevance of Libertarianism to practical conservative politics, or to anything at all. A good read.

It is especially relevant in the context of the London mayoral elections tomorrow. Whether or not you think that cities ought to have powerful “Mayors”, or whether the sorts of things they try to get their teeth into can be sorted out by free markets, everybody elegible to vote in London ought to read this stuff today.




Is Libertarianism inseparable from the cause of upholding the British Nation? Roderick Moore writes a re-appraisal of British History…

…on a Grand Canvas. I personally agree with him.

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 1:

David Davis

Here’s how he begins. Readers will be familiar with the Gramscian deconstruction of (especially) British history, for nefarious and anti-liberal purposes.

Please remember that Moore was writing in 2001, and matters have moved much, much further down into the cesspit, as indeed he predicted:-

In the next few years, the debate about Britain’s membership of

the European Union is likely to intensify, as Euroscepticism gradually

grows in strength and the Eurofanatics start getting desperate.

It would be wise for us to anticipate the kind of arguments

that the Eurofanatics are likely to use against us, and prepare our




Their main propaganda tactic will probably be to attempt

to destroy our morale by persuading us that Britain is not

worth fighting for, because we have got nothing to be proud of in

our history and everything to be ashamed of – in other words,

they will step up the smear campaign against Britain which the

Guardian-reading intellectual elite have already been waging for

the last forty years.



As Oliver Cromwell once said, a good soldier should know what

he is fighting for and love what he knows. That also applies to

the war of ideas. Before we can regain our national independence,

we have to regain our national pride, and before we

can regain our national pride, we have to rescue our history from

the smears and distortions of the socialist intellectual establishment.



This essay is intended to be a small step towards that

goal. In it, I propose to examine some of the most important

events in British history and attempt to vindicate our reputation as

a nation.




“Perhaps the noblest task of the popular historian should be

to make us ashamed of our forefathers … now that the hilarious

residue of the White Man’s Burden has been chased

out of the reading books of schoolboys.”

(Dennis Potter, 1967. Quoted in James 1994, p. 602)

Dennis Potter was one of the few men in Britain who could use

more words than Neil Kinnock to say even less…..


…….so read more here:-


A half-hour trip into any British State secondary school, by which age the child-inmates are thoroughly deconstructed historically, will confrim the truth of what he says.

Plants, animals and “Climate Change” – two ruminations on the environment, published by the Libertarian Alliance

David Davis

Good paper by Joe Peacott, in 2006, now in the Libertarian Alliance archives of free publications.

A number of years ago I wrote a couple of pamphlets

about the politics of AIDS.




At the time there was a (read more at the above link)

There’s another good one here:

This is called Global Warming: Inventing An Apocalypse, 1994, 4pp by Kevin McFarlane.


The opinions and beliefs of “pop” “stars” ought to influence us all, every day, so we become a better and better “people”, increasingly elegible for dissolution and re-election.

David Davis

There is some quite remarkably frank and plangent stuff in here about green-ness and global jet travel (on a tip from Moonbattery) even from the mouth of a “pop” “star’s” wife.

Libertarian Party of the UK to debate policies at Trinity College, Oxford, in May 2008

David Davis


IT’S TOMORROW 23RD MAY 2008 ……..

I am pleased to resyndicate this from Devil’s Kitchen. The event ought to be as widely publicised as possible.

In May, the UK Libertarian Party has been invited to engage in a debate at the political society of Trinity College, Oxford. Ahead of that, the student paper, Cherwell, has published an article on the party’s policies

.Which is, of course, all very well except that it demonstrates just how pissing ignorant students are, even at our “top” universities. And so, since they have fired the opening salvo, I feel duty-bound to reply (oh, and it is a pleasure too).

Let us take the first idiot into our stride, shall we…..?



Read more here.

 Devil does more than credit to his usual self in this demolition of widely-held modern-day political myopias, about such things as taxation policy, and er, liberty.