Tungsten or “Incandescent” light bulbs: buy them while you can.

David Davis

There is now no hope that, even that greenazism has been discredited worldwide, you will be able to buy proper light bulbs that emit light, after 2012 in “Europe”.  Buy lots and lots of tungsten bulbs while you can. It is the only libertarian solution. Yes, the bulbs you buy now will fail eventually, but then the evil Greenariat may have fallen by then, say in 2020, and we can persuade the Chinese to make bulbs for us again, to see by.

 So, stock up! I am doing, and you should too. The evil antiwesterners, such as those who told you to move to Wyoming and buy tinned food in quantity before Y2K (remember that?) will tell you that doom awaits all those who plug in a tungsten bulb, but only if the police come around.

7 responses to “Tungsten or “Incandescent” light bulbs: buy them while you can.

  1. LOL–Why are libertarians so full of certitude? Yes, and buy all the petroleum powered cars you can and gas because electric cars are coming. I can see fine with florescent lights.

  2. We are full of certitude because we know we are right. How about you?

  3. I am very upset that they are banning this lightbulb because I have to update the wiring in my house now. Every time I plug one of those energy efficient suckers in, it explodes. Never mind the fact that those bulbs are $5 each, I must have blown up 4 before someone told me the mercury vapor in them is wicked toxic, and I should have evacuated the house for several hours?? My baby crawls on that floor. How do you get mercury vapor out of carpet? I have 4 children, I don’t know if I want to conserve energy at the cost of my childrens’ health. I understand that GE has quit work on these EE bulbs and is working on LEDs. I hope they work fast. I am so angry at these filthy rich politicians who ban stuff because it’s trendy, with no concern AT ALL for cost or health. I am sure they didn’t even perform a study before they decided to ban the tungsten bulb. Next thing you know, they will be putting warning labels on flour or saccarine.

  4. You must not buy any more of those nasty eco-bulbs any more, Michelle.

    They may even do what the deep-green-Nazi bastards say they do, in terms of energy, but the Universe contains at least 1E100 Joules, if not even 1E101 or 1E 102 (the Large Hadron Collider is going to try to find out for us) plus perhaps even more we may be able to tap.

    You must go round your shops, corralling in all the tungsten bulbs you can find, like we do here. I have several cases full already.

  5. Keep buying the tungsten ones while you can. I cleared out Tesco Southport this afternoon.

  6. Does anyone know where to obtain 100W incandescants in the UK? Surely some manufacturer somewhere must still be making these things and someone must be importing them? I wold have thought there was a viable market for lightbulb smuggers.

    I’ve tested GE, Tesco, Philips and Osram low power light bulbs and none of them give out anything like their claimed incandescant-equivalent output. This problem gets worse and more noticeable at the higher end (75W and above). Low power bulbs are simply not up to the job yet. And they fail *far* faster than is claimed.

    • They are not allowed to.
      Chris Taylor (electrical supplies) of Shakespeare Street, Southport, Merseyside, has lots, and is buying them in from China and Poland and Slovakia. If you seach for “Incandescent” or “Chris Taylor” on this blog, you will find his number. He will be pleased to oblige you.