Field Marshall Montgomery “QUOTE OF THE DAY” No: 1

David Davis

   “Let’s make Viscount Montgomery School the best in Hamilton, the best in Ontario, the best in Canada. I don’t associate myself with anything that is not good. It is up to you to see that everything about this school is good. It is up to the students to not only be their best in school but in their behaviour outside of Viscount. Education is not just something that will help you pass your exams and get you a job, it is to develop your brain to teach you to marshal facts and do things.

This was by the Great General himself, on opening a school in, I think, 1951.  ‘Nuff-said, I think, about the Stalinazified “education” which is supposedly dispensed in British “State” “Schools” today.

There will be others by him, from time to time.

2 responses to “Field Marshall Montgomery “QUOTE OF THE DAY” No: 1

  1. Not the best operational brain, but still a truly great General Staff Officer and a worthy Field Marshal.

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