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UPDATE:- Now Obama’s been elected and inaugurated, people won’t like what I say here. But it stands. Just so you all know, I wish him well and hope he makes out: all our lives depend on it. Here’s what we said a couple of days ago, just after his inauguration.

David Davis

“My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.  I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.”

— Barack Obama

To what? Look, I know I’m just a bumpkin in Lancashire, but if your nation is the greatest in the history of the world, then your forebears must have been doing something right? Or are you just a Stalinist so-and-so like the rest of the outfit now running Westmonster, England?

I can’t stand this socialist obsession with “change”. “Change” was (is?) what management consultants try to foist onto often perfectly well-run businesses, for no other reason than to justify their huge (good for them if they can get away with it) fees.  If “change” is required, then it occurs because the responsible managers are clever enough to spot its need and deal with it. If they are not, get new ones.

(UPDATE 20th Oct 2008 – here’s what we say about him today.)

And here’s what we’re saying about David Swanson and today… (24th Oct 2008)

When working in Marketing in the 70s and 80s, I made a point of never hiring anyone whatsoever who had studied at a “business school”, nor who came from a “consultancy”, nor who had not done at least three years in line management in a business making or selling something – preferably they’d been “out on the road” for some of this time.

I always stressed the primacy of “sales” over “marketing” as departments, and that the later, my speciality, was only a service for the salesmen, although a clever and important one with much power for good; this was regarded as not only inverted-logic and unpopular but also heretical.

None of my hirees was ever later fired for incompetence, and some went on to run large firms.

And he’ll have to sort out answers to this stuff too…)

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  1. Are you seriously saying that anyone who wants to change anything about America hates the country?

  2. Would it be possible to stop writing titles in full capitals? It is considered as ‘shouting’ on the Net and gives a poor impression. Just a thought.


  3. I thought they’d stand out better. Possibly even get higher up the pages on google, or at least be more likely to get clicked.

  4. For Mark, I do not suggest that _everyone_ who thinks America ought to change is a lefty.

    Just nearly all of them.

    Specially the self-regarding ones with very very clear ideas about how the USA ought to be attenuated, who get powerful _because_ they want to make “changes” which will be regarded by most private Americans (many of whom are often pejoratively labelled as “rednecks”) as deeply wrong and damaging, to the (not directed) structure of America.

  5. I haven’t taken to the bloke, largely because I don’t seem to know anything about him. I mean, apart from, shall we say, collectivism, what does he stand for? It should be admitted though, it would be interesting to see what would happen if he were elected, from a solely voyeuristic point of view.

    Or…maybe not eh? :-(

  6. He might turn out to be OK. I do not know. But the word “change” (see the post above) makes my blood – as a conservative minimal-statist libertarian – boil.

    I don’t think any of us would enjoy watching the USA being unstitched at the seams, like what has been done to the UK.

  7. The quote is an Urban Legeand. Obama didn’t say it.

  8. I don’t know if he said this all together, but he has said it. He has asked voters to join him in changing America and has called America the greatest nation in the world. So yes he wants and will screw things up if elected!

  9. The Barak Obama quote is fake i.e. he never really said that. Please check your sources before spreading false information.

  10. There is a “truth” underlying this so called quote:
    You better explain to voters specifically what change you plan to orchestrate and it had better pass the test of reason and good judgment, otherwise don’t mess with it.

  11. Was it Edison…..?
    Consistancy is the hobgoblin of
    little minds.


  12. “I can’t stand this socialist obsession with “change”. “Change” was (is?) what management consultants try to foist onto often perfectly well-run businesses,”

    No, I think the want for “change” in the states at the moment has something to do with the fact that the Bush admin cant govern a game of monopoly, I think weather of not your a “leftie” is irrelevant, the current government in U.S. is a joke…so yes change IS needed and IS positive and I would also like to say, its seems that you are doing a classic rightie thing, by spending all your time looking the opposition and pointing the finger instead of actually getting anything done.
    Obama is the best step the U.S. can take at the moment as he is willing to put right what has been put wrong…unless you think there is nothing wrong at the moment, you you would have to be fairly ignorent to think that.

  13. McCabe said:

    “I think weather of not your a “leftie” is irrelevant, the current government in U.S. is a joke…so yes change IS needed and IS positive and I would also like to say, its seems that you are doing a classic rightie thing, by spending all your time looking the opposition and pointing the finger instead of actually getting anything done.”

    Oh, I thought you were talking about the Democrat controlled Congress, with all of its investigations etc. that solve nothing but divert blame from their inaction.

    A bit more work, and they can get the Congressional approval rating down from its current 9%!!!


    Yeah, a guy with 143 days of service in the Senate is “ready” for the presidency. I never thought I would see an empty Teflon suit, but Obama has managed it. Just parsing the speeches written for him will leave you wondering.

    And the word “change” by itself means little. It needs a modifier, like “positive.” Sort of like how the word “quality” has been misused.

  14. American Leftist Dude

    Hi I am a lefty American and am amused by your quaint ideas of the US….and capitalism. Wow. Great Britain. I mean, its pretty ignorant to have faith in “free” market economics. I mean, there is nothing “free” in capitalism dudes! Just because our politics includes a few people wanting to offer some semblance of a civilized society, including yes some taxes and some benefits, doesn’t make them socialists. My god, the closest we ever came to socialism was during the Depression and then, FDR rescued capitalism from itself by employing a few social-programs to counter the growing insurgency that eventually could have, would have swelled to a full-blown socialists revolution.

    This so called free market is an utter facade. At least in the USA it is. Our nation has sunk to ever deeper lows ever since the Reagan years. The economic gap widens. Now why should that bother Libertarians? Why should that bother the wealthy?

    History my friends. What happens in nations when just a tiny few live like Kings and the rest like peasants? Oh my, I think you folks in Britain, great or otherwise, know the answer to that…….

    Finally, other than a bunch of wanna be richies, and narcistic whiners, I’ve never found anything redeeming or helpful or valuable from the Libteratarians here in the US, or anywhere.

    Maybe you should all just pool your money together and by an island or peice of land and live out your pathetic free market fantasies…..oh i think you might be able to buy texas…….that would be nice. Then we could send the remaining reaganites, clintonites, and bushies down there; build a nice wall around y’all and let you eat eachother alive…….in all your neo-Social Darwinist, anti-humanity, immoral and utterly malfunctioning glory.

  15. ALD is scary. His logic matches exactly the reactionary right-wingers of the 60’s with their “Love it or leave it” rhetoric. Don’t bother thinking through the issues, just toss a few general-purpose invectives in the general direction of the question and go for drinks!

  16. Barack Obama desires changing the America created by eight years of the worst governance our country has ever seen- very few would deny.
    Mr. Obama graduated w/ a Law Degree from Harvard. He is the Professor of U.S. Constitutional Law at Columbia and was the first man of color President of the Harvard Law Review. He was elected to the IL. State Senate in 1997. Between graduating from Harvard and his first step in politics he accomplished much for lower and middle-class families in his state, even though he could have started much higher up the food chain and simply milked his abilities in the corporate world. This is what he refers to by “change”- making the less, more. That said if you don’t know what this supposed “teflon suit” “stands for”…just ONCE do some research and go to the Obama website. I did, some months back and was so impressed w/ his thoughtful and energizing and thorough dissertation on the issues that I would have cast my vote for him unrequested.

  17. Hope and change? Higher taxes and even more spending than Bush, not much hope of much change left in my pockets!

  18. What is the original source of the Obama staement that we are going to change the greatest nation-please join me?

    Thank you,

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  23. This website talks about the right kind of change:

    You want to make a positive difference? Go to that site.

  24. You have been had. The quote is a misquote published by Mark Steyn – see

    More to the point: He is not an American which makes him an illegal candidate – see

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  26. Obama does not appear to care very much about America at all from what i gather.
    But then he talks good, but so did Hitler!

  27. Change could also refer to the Fabian change. especially with Joe Biden and Co in toe.
    Checkout the CFR the who and why’s,
    What they say, and actually do are two very different things.
    To me he’s just another NWO puppet or muppet whichever you chose!

  28. The West reached a relative high water mark of freedom against a flood of collectivism around 1979 which resulted in the election of Thatcher and Reagan a conservative pope, Lech Walesa, etc. Marxism and socialism were totally discredited, as they will be again in less than 30 years, and were an obvious excercise in stupidity. The collectivists have been beavering away since then and now is their moment. Poor you. Poor me. But I don’t suppose it can last too long. Depends how deep the coffers are for them to raid this time around. Not very, I fear.

    • …but…but…but…
      ….but how did we allow it to get to this?

      How could we all have been so stupid as to think they’d all gone away?

      For example, what the f*** was I doing to kick defeated Stalinists into the putrid Flanders Mud round Ypres (that would have done for them) to drown horribly like they orta, along with their ideology?

      I, David Davis, a co-founder of the LA for f***’s sake, advertising executive and proto-yuppie of London even before Peter Yorke invented them, what the f*** was I doing, a member of the LA, and an officer of it, and so on, thinking that Gramsco-Marxianism was finally dead?

      I should resign and hang my head in shame, for not assassinating Terry Eagleton and others like him, like that deconstructivist French dude (was it J Derrida?) whose name I can’t recall, when we could have done it and got medals! Oh, and for not assassinating all the Dave Sparts and Chris Toads, in the “open” “university”, and all those phantasmal places colonised by people who would later play c:\palest1.exe on their “personal computers”! They “educated” all the poor people who now willingly go along with all this sort of stuff.

      We could have had people like J-P-Sartre and Ho Chi Mhinh and Castro and the runaway outlaw Mugabe, killed, just on the nod. And we slept.

      Losers (we became.) It’s such a tragedy, and it will take decades if not centuries to put right. And do you know what’s the worst thing of all?

      That we even have to grit our teeth, and pretend to be law-respecting libertarians! And do nothing, only blog!


  29. Nah.
    You’ve just been outwitted that’s all. But it’s been slow in coming. You should have seen it. I seriously think freedom is about to become unfashionable. Which it never was before in my little lifetime. And, okay, I would agree it’s been steadily building to this for a long time, 100, 200 years? But we did have pause for thought 30 years ago. People like John Gouriet took on the unions, etc.

  30. Yup. I knew him then in the Freedom Association. We gained a little time, but thought it was a grand victory.

  31. Dave:

    John Gouriet had a distressing tendency to see himself as “A man on a white horse.”



  32. I think what went wrong, though, was a failure to follow through. And compromise. Perhaps a loss of accurate vision about things. Loss of courage. Money!! Lack thereof.
    The enemy is very clever and insidious. Ask Margaret.
    He quickly said oh yes, that’s a terrible thing, communism, and got rid of it and convinced us that what he was doing was us winning. And it looked as if we were. The enemy just blew right to left instead of left to right. They took the vision and colonised the Isle of Dogs, etc.
    And now we have got to where we have.
    It can be done again!
    We are the change we are waiting for!!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist that.
    Clarity of vision anyone. Activism is fairly simple.

  33. John Blainey:

    NAFF’s only real function was to help get Thatcher’s lot elected, so that they could help get Reagan’s lot elected. They would never have allowed it to be an effective independent political force afterwards. So they wound it down.

    Who handed Rhodesia over to Mugabe?

    Who handed five million British citizens and British territory to Communist China?

    And so on…

    A bigger slice of the economy went to capital and management, is all. Crony-Capitalism. Worse than useless for liberty.

    A diversion.



  34. Do better

  35. John Blainey:

    I hope you don’t mean that I should become a politician!

    I’m doing just fine. I don’t hark back to a Golden Age that never was (except for the glory that was Greece); I’ve done, am doing, and I expect will do on doing original work which brings about many of the changes I wish to see.

    My heroes are people you’ve maybe never even heard of: Karl Popper; Imre Lakatos; Noel Gayler; Richard M. Bissell, jr.; Aleksander Solzhenitsyn; George Lucas; people like that.

    I’m presently setting up a Conferencing facility in Atlanta for our Twelve Track Parallel Plans project, elements of which are presently in action all over the world. Anyone can play!

    I’m not a dictator; and I don’t want to be. If I could lead you into Paradise, someone else could lead you out again.



  36. Tony:

    Golden Age? No, we just slowed the madness down.
    Sure, those who tend to achieve things get moved sideways by those who like to control things.

    I think the main problem at the moment is that the situation is “going critical” and unless a genuine effort is made to deal with the reality of the situation rather than theory, we shall quickly be deeper in the proverbial than one might imagine possible.
    For the last 30 years we have had the collectivist ruling class monopolist socialist crony corporatists slaving away to achieve their goals resisted by a popular revulsion against what they were trying to do. And now the whole popular pro-freedom, anti collective control sentiment is in free fall.
    They have achieved their scenario. Their “narrative” rules (again – it did go largely into hiding for the last 30 years.)
    Big Brother has arrived and is now arranging his furniture having, rather brilliantly I must say, discredited his opposition.
    It may take a while before he starts giving orders. Or it may not.

  37. Shout all you WANT………… I DO!

    Well I never and here we have the good old Commie BBC with all our money and supposedly A1 Journo’s, ignoring where the subprime market stemmed from.

    When making a mess it’s only fair one is made to clear it up………..

    Why it truly is Barack Obama’s subprime mortgage mess

    Nov 13, 2008
    By Cynthia Walker
    Truthfully, I wish that I could hibernate between now and Nov. 4. I am so sick of political hysteria. But duty calls. Way back in the summer of 2007, as the number of subprime foreclosures began to mount, my editor asked, “What happened? Who loosened what regulations to make this possible?” The answers have been coming in.The best synopsis of the history of “Why the Mortgage Crisis Happened” is a 7,344-word piece by M. Jay Wells published Oct. 26, 2008 on It is a story of how the federal government has been taking more and more control of the housing market, starting in the ’30’s with the establishment of Fannie Mae, the Federal National Mortgage Association. In 1968, as part of his Great Society reform, President Lyndon Johnson turned much of Fannie Mae into a government sponsored enterprise (GSE) with the authority to issue mortgage backed securities (MBS). Control, power, and money were concentrated.

    All that concentrated money looked invulnerable. To share the wealth, Sen. Proxmire (Democrat) introduced a bill which was signed into law in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), to encourage banks to make homeownership loans in underserved (poor and minority) communities. Encouragement was one thing, but banks were understandably reluctant to make loans to people with bad credit.

    During the ’80’s radical groups such as ACORN began to pressure to reshape the CRA, to not just encourage but to force banks to make loans to people with bad credit, all in the name of anti-discrimination. During the ’90’s community organizer Barack Hussein Obama worked closely with ACORN, teaching the intimidation tactics of “direct action:” crowding bank lobbies, blocking drive-up teller lanes, demonstrating at the homes of bankers, telling the media that bankers who refused to make loans to people with bad credit were racists.

    Agitators, including Barack Obama with ACORN, filed complaints of non-compliance and lawsuits against banks that adhered to safe loan policies. The banks caved. Credit standards were lowered. GSEs (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) were instructed by the Clinton administration to increase the percentage of risky loans in their portfolios.

  38. I think if most of us join hands with the expectation of elected president, there is nothing which can stop american nation to be among most developed and loved human race.

  39. “Limbaugh has been up front about “praying for failure” by President Obama”.

    Failure of Obama’s policies, yes, Emanuel.

    But hey you already know your using an incomplete quote.

    Why does Obama’s admin/campaign (there one in the same) attack individual American citizens? in public?

    Is Obama really that weak, lame, pathetic and thin-skinned.

    Has any other president, in modern times gone after by name individual American citizens who disagree with his policies?

    Why does Obama’s admin/campaign call all Americans “cowards”?

    Why does Obama claim to be a victim, inheriting this mess when in fact he has been a US Senator for the last 4 years helping to “create this mess”.

    “As the unknown sage puts it…”
    Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.”

    Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

    So Mr. Obama you were saying about Limbaugh?

  40. But Limbaugh IS a hate-peddler, a liar, and a manipulative psychopath, with sime really nasty undercurrents and followers. and backers…

    Think “Lowest Common Denominator.”


  41. John Blainey

    So (deceitful) politics is about manipulation. We live with it. The best on can hope for, the main defence against totalitarianism, is not disqualifying your opponent from giving his opinion. Which is what, I believe, Obama & Co want to do with items such as the “Fairness Doctrine”. Beware the elite that says you have to love your enslavement.

  42. I’m not “disqualifying” Limbaugh. I’m opposing him and (almist) everything he stands for. He’s a real low-life. Millions of people listen to him.

    And the First Amendment to the US Constitution says that the US Government cannot stop his toxic outpourings.

    Tony Hollick

  43. John Blainey

    “What is so strange about being honest and saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and re-form this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation?”

  44. John and Dave:

    Here’s a profoud thought for you.

    Marxism is NOT a set of policies, nor is it a set of ethical principle. It asserts itself as a Science of Societal Evolution analagous to Darwinism (Marx asked Darwin if he could dedicate “Das Kapital” to Darwin).

    So, a convinced (genuine) Marxist believes that inexorable and inherent “Laws of History” lead through feudalism to Capitalism to a highly-centralized form of Capitalism which might consist of only six or so ‘families’ of owners and controllers.

    The “revolution” is simply the annexation of the few giant shareholdings, with the new owners ordering increases in production at lower prices because profits and dividends are no longer sought or necessary.

    Meanwhile, there is an ever-sharpening increase in the height of the ‘social pyramid’ so that there are fewer and fewer (but ever-richer) Capitalists, who rack-rent labour down, immiserating almost every worker (except for the self-employed craftsmen, whom Marx and Engels both admired).

    ‘Work in the morning; go fishing in the afternoon; go to the theatre in the evening.” Pretty good, eh? (smiles)

    Marxism has a great slogan for activists:

    “Help to bring about the Inevitable!”

    While a convinced Marxist might welcome the sunrise, the sunrise will occur regardless, via “Iron Laws” of social evolution. So what can (s)he do to ‘hurry evolution along’?

    Clearly, anything which accentuates the sharpness of the social pyramid is accelerative. Everything which builds up ever-great concentrations of Capital in fewer and fewer hands hastens the revolution. Everything which immiserates the working class, likewise.

    All this Capital _builds the foundations for the Socialist future_, which can only arrive when Capitalism has built the economic foundations and infrastructure itself.

    So “Grow Capitalism!” is the order of the day for convinced Marxists who understand what Marx and Engels are actually saying.

    Notice that this is EXACTLY what the ‘Pro-Capitalists’ are also asking for!

    Leninist deviants try to provoke a Fascist reaction and take-over of the State as “The Last Stand of the Bourgeoisie.” They actually wanted and provoked the rise of Fascism, deliberately, because they concluded that this would lead to the Bourgeoisie being trapped into an indefensivble and unworkable Fascist system which would then collapse sooner rather than later.

    So the Marxist intellectuals build Capitalism whilst proselytizing the Gospel According To Marx; while the r-r-revolutionaries provoke Fascism and confrontations to hasten the R-R-Revolution.

    Look very closely at the “Pro-Capitalist” intellectuals, politicians and activists, and quiz them concerning what they think they’re doing, and on its outcomes.

    Look very closely at the Authoritarian Right-Wing ‘More-Social-Control’ people, and quiz them about their agenda.

    Then ask yourself “Who — Whom?”



    PS: You have met the ‘enemy’; and ‘they’ is mostly ‘you.’ Sorry and all that…

  45. John Blainey

    Who was it again that said words are given to us to conceal our thoughts?

    Basically I am more concerned about Liberty, freedom and individual responsibility as opposed to various forms of coercion, be they Marxist or fascist, they all came out of the same collectivist pot.

    Scrap them and live free to create.

    Or don’t.

  46. Garrett The Antagonist

    Well I know it’s been a bit (going on 3 years) since anyone has posted on this thought, but I would like to say, I was watching that speech, and it was a direct quote. I remember, as it has stuck in my brain for these last 3 years, and gave immense insight into the man’s character and what his intentions were. You can try and rewrite history all you want, but as an eye-witness to the incredibly insulting statement made by Barry (and yes, I *will* call that fraud by his Given name), I am really sick of people saying he never said it. I suppose he never said he would put an end to lobbyists, or cut the deficit in half either, those were just misquotes. I would also like to add that the man’s credentials from Harvard don’t mean a thing to me except Political Influence. He could have gone to Wassamatta U, he’s still a liar, a divider, and a child. Define those in any way you wish, they apply literally and figuratively in almost all regards except linear age.