I think libertarians ought all to pretend publicly to smoke, even if they do not in reality. This would also be a grand gesture in memory of Chris Tame, who thought it was a nasty and disgusting, smelly, antisocial habit, would not allow it in his flat, and battled mercilessly against the health-nazis all his working life, especially while working for FOREST for the rights of smokers. Dear old chap, gold-pieces be upon him in Paradise. 

David Davis

Here’s the BBC on this anti-smoking Statist Nazis thingy-stuff

A cigarette “display ban” is being considered. A particular and identifiable droid, known in certain circles by other droids as a “Dawn-Primarolo” , is “concerned” “for the children”.

How could any living being give any job whatsoever, to someone called “Dawn” and “Primarolo” in the same line? It would have to be a wind-up by students on a rag-day.  There are no people called that. The droid referred to  must therefore be a real droid, and so legally therefore can’t exist as a person or a corporate person. Therefore it can’t discuss stuff known as “draft legislation” or “consultation” “papers”, “white papers”, green papers”. (We were given “green paper” at school in the 1960s when we had failed some task and had to redo it)

This stuff is for Nazis to discuss and not droids, so I don’t know what an early-mark Primdroid is doing being switched on here and running.

Moreover, as this blog’s historian readers will know, smoking was first linked with lung cancer by “scientists” in the Third Reich. Of course, they were quite correct. But that’s not the point: if people tell you to not do something for your own good, you become their FARM ANIMAL.

You are a  human being. Either you want to be that animal, or you do not.

Your body is either yours, or theirs (think of the implications, if you are a woman or girl – a much more dangerous thing to be under post-60s-post-western-deconstructionistic-femi-nazism, than was the case in the British Empire and Commonwealth, which functioned according to the Ten Commandments (sorry, I meant the Gospels! spotted by the comentariat..) and the Mosaic Decalogue, and also, er, Magna Carta and other stuff that is very very scary to socialists and Kingists……)

Will you allow yourself, as a woman, to be raped, because a bureaucrat says she(he) wants to “do” you? if S(he) brings the right forms, duly signed and countersigned, to your house?

Will you forbear from smoking because a bureaucrat says you must not?

 YOU have to decide. 


  1. Andrew Witcombe-Small

    The Mosaic Decalogue IS the Ten Commandments!

  2. Dave:

    I have to tell you that I’ve met and chatted with Dawn Primarolo (she’s a Bristol MP), and she’s smart, attractive as Hell, and likeable. Unfortunately, she belongs to that section of the population which thinks it is their duty to protect people from Nasty Things That Can Kill Them.

    As far as I can make out, she believes that no-one would smoke if they knew what it can do to them, and those that do are clearly lacking in their rational faculties, and must be protected from themselves, not by punishing them so much as by stopping them getting hold of the dreaded toxic ciggies.

    She was born in England to a family of Italian origin.


  3. Sorry, I meant the “Gospels and the Mosaic decalogue”. Corrected now, thanks for spotting my error!

  4. Yeah, but it makes me wheeze Dave…

  5. ‘s-allright Steven, I won’t actually force you if you retch. No good as a taxpayer then, are you, if you expectorate and vomit and can’t stand up while working.

    But they will, when they run out of money. Interesting that Samizdata picked up some samizdat film from North Korea, where smoking is fully allowed in public buildings and places.

    (By an outfit called Shane Smith and )