The Libertarian Alliance Easter message 2008 … IN GOLD WE TRUST

David Davis

I had on Friday prepared a pretentious draft, written in my usual pompously stilted style, in which I was comparing the fortunes and origin of Liberty in the Christian West with its prospects and fate elsewhere. But you would have all laughed silly or wondered what I was taking about (this happens too often for my liking, I will have to improve) so I pulled it. Some of the draft ideas were not as awful as the others so they might resurface sometime.

Instead I restated the text of a lapel-badge that was frequently prepared and sold in the Alternative Bookshop, by Chris Tame and the others. Characteristically, Chris had gone and bought a badge-making machine, as the sort of Covent-gardenish passer-by in those days was also the sort of person who’d wear his/her opinions on clothing.

ITEM: There is no wikipedia entry for the Alternative Bookshop. Anyone care to write one?

2 responses to “The Libertarian Alliance Easter message 2008 … IN GOLD WE TRUST

  1. Dave:

    You may be aware that “the other LA” claims to have an “Alternative Bookshop.” It would be a smart move to open an eStore on Amazon, then any book recommendations can jump to there, and the LA gets a percentage for any resulting sales.