GLOBAL WARMING, global nazi warm-mongers, and an UN-NAMED SEA OF METHANE ON TITAN … what shall we call it, then? (UPDATED)

Lake GORE?

David Davis

This is fun, for Easter. Here’s the link from Strange Maps.

The object is really quite remarkably large: it’s a good 600 miles across, and with an area of about 25,000 square miles (and who knows what depth, but as Titan is quite large, let us suppose an average depth of half a mile conservatively, that’s 12,000 cubic miles of hydrocarbons)…

And the warm-mongers have the crust, the gall, the immortal brass neck, to teach CHILDREN, in the West, that “oil and gas are biological in origin and come from dead marine creatures”…!


I suppose I ought to have explained first why this is here! Thanks to the commentariat for upbraiding me. Roughly, in “free space” at certain widely-available temperatures and pressures, hydrocarbons form naturally and exothermically, in large amounts, where there is free atomic carbon and hydrogen, such as in interstellar gas/dust clouds, of which there are lots. (Delta-H-standard for methane is about -75KJ/mole, and not far off that at low interstellar temperatures either.) We detect their spectra almost everywhere we point the correctly-tuned radio telescopes into the sky. It’s therefore no surprise that Titan has a hydrocarbon-rich atmosphere, and lakes of the stuff on the ground. It’s not the only solar system body to show these compounds either.

Although some earth-found fossil fuels clearly are of biogenic origin owing to characteristically-biiological oxygen and sulphur isotope proportions (and I’m excluding coal from this discussion for it most clearly is) there is a case for syaing that much the largest part of what’s likely ever to be found in the crust may have been formed purely chemically in space, and has been present since the formation of the earth.


2 responses to “GLOBAL WARMING, global nazi warm-mongers, and an UN-NAMED SEA OF METHANE ON TITAN … what shall we call it, then? (UPDATED)

  1. It warms my heart to see almost all believers in freedom, see this utter con for what it is!

  2. The only people I have ever heard arguing that oil and gas came from sea creatures or dead dinosaurs are those who deny the existence of climate change and resource pressure – in other words people like yourself.

    Quite what the existence of methane on Titan has to do with climate change on Earth I am not sure. Are you suggesting an astrological link perhaps?