David Davis

Just askin’ ….

It was an idea that fermented itself a bit more, when I commented on sean’s comment below.

2 responses to “ENGLAND LEAVES THE UNITED KINGDOM …. what would happen?

  1. The only real way I could see that happening is if England voted heavily to leave the EU and Scotland and Wales voted to stay in. It would of course delight our “partners” to see the final destruction of the UK.

    The longterm prospects for England would then be good, as they could make their own laws, and if they got it wrong at first then they could always change them.

  2. Well we could take a few pages from Switzerland’s book then couldn’t we? Through two World Wars, Communism and now EUism and as far as I know they’ve been left alone. I can’t think of any civil or military strife which the Swiss have been involved in, at least not in modern history anyway. Says something for non-interventionist policy doesn’t it?