COULD THE LIB-DEMS be a Reaganomics party?

… Not while they are still so frequently in bed locally with “New” “Labour”. (Just one lab-Libdem “Council” is one-too-many.) 

David Davis

But if people like Vince Cable have at least heard of Reaganomics, and if they sincerely believe that Government is not exactly “here to help you”, then I will try to be their friend.

And with the Tories saying they would have to stick to Gordon Brown’s “spending” “plans”? My trousers! Taxes are for cutting, not maintaining or increasing; any level of taxation suggests to the outside world that a State does not think itself to be self-financing. If it was a business, it would be described as dodgy.

10 responses to “COULD THE LIB-DEMS be a Reaganomics party?

  1. Let us suppose that none of the regime parties will take us out of the European Union. This being so, it is worth considering a vote for any party that offers a slightly less nutty set of economic policies than the others.

  2. Like Sean Gabb, I also believe that Britain (if not yet England, which could leave the UK on its own if our heart was in it – and cause lovely mayhem concurrently) is finished.

    However, I have also gone on record as suggesting that the “EU-direct” or “Brussels model” would be less draconian and less nazified masters to us than either an independent or a EUfied Westminster.

    I don’t think that the hearts of Belgian and French bureaucrats – or even the hearts of half-educated University-British Interns in Brussels – and I have known a few – are into the tormenting to death of British or English Culture, Folk-memory or Civilisation. They only want money and public honorification, be it ever so tongu-in-cheek. they play “The Emperor’s new clothes” “game” as if it was serious but yet they know that we know that they know they are naked.

    Not like today’s British NewLab bureaucrats at all, who think it’s not the taking part, but it’s the winning that matters.

    Give the Brussels mob enough and they would surely go away, just like Italian public officials invariably do, today and always before.

    Perhaps we should pretend to lose a referendum on the Constitution, go in, and just be as normal as possible in our personal lives, until better times, or until we die. Perhaps this Libdem initiative is the way forward, so we can just live something like a normal life.

  3. Yes. It is up to the wider Eurosceptical movement to persuade us and anyone else interested why life under them would be better than in the EU. There are libertarians and liberals in the Eurosceptic movement. The rest appear to hate brussels largely because its rules won’t let them ban tits and bums from the telly.

  4. Something that might be useful to know would be how many self-identified libertarians there are in the UK. Has any such research ever been done? I know it would only be a rough guide since even the definition of libertarian is rather flexible, but it may give an idea of just where we’re fighting from, so to speak.

  5. Most people would go for it. I mean, if you just asked people if they class themselves as libertarian you’d probably draw many blanks, but if you describe the fundamentals of the word then I’m confident that most people would go for it, definitely. I mean what we’re talking about is the belief that first and foremost we are all free individuals, and we must at all times be allowed to exist as free individuals. We have that unalienable right as breathing creatures. I mean that’s the short-and tall of it isn’t it? I have tendancies towards many different political directions, buit when you’re the type to have feeling about this sort of stuff you learn the hard way that there is no Heaven but what you make for yourself, Socialist or otherwise. If people could be made to see that things such as the NHS, which is supposedly free, are counterfeit concepts, they would certainly still want an NHS or some opt-in-able version of it, just as Sean said in his book. But the power comes from knowing the difference, surely.

  6. I think Nero is probably tight on this.

    We do have some numbers on the opposition.

    MORI did a poll for the IEA and found that 13% of Brits were authoritarian. The figure for the US was 20%.

    It’s a sensible approach, to think of ‘libertarian’ as an adjective rather than a noun.

    I’m libertarian!



  7. Sorry, Nero, that should of course be “right.”



  8. No worries Tony, I’m pretty tight on everything else! :-)

  9. We’re all a bit tight here, especially in the evenings. Good thing too.

  10. What’s that object in my right hand, guys? (lol)

    No, not the woman, she is on my left (literally and also, I am afraid to say, figuratively.)