Sean at the UKIP Rally in Exeter


2 responses to “Sean at the UKIP Rally in Exeter

  1. Gee, the blonde’s a bit of all-right isn’t she? Eh?

  2. The time is short, and the dark clouds of abolition-and-un-knowingness are gathering. Sean will find himself, despite himself, going to speak at more and more of these, while they are still allowed.

    It is probably too late to call in even the Firemen of the Libertarian Alliance. We ought to have been consulted in the late 1980s, while there was time to denounce or not sign the SEA and Maastricht. It is too late now.

    The existence of UKIP is a signal tragedy. By that, I mean that it should have had to come into being at all.

    WE will wake up, finally, to realise that all this is our punishment, for we tried (and partially succeeded) in the noble and good venture of teaching Mankind how it is possible to live, grow and climb out of torment, barabrism and lawlessless, to Order, Freedom (the mother of order) and to the Stars.

    It will be done. But sadly not by us or our near descendants. The new Dark Age comes soon, and it will be long.