David Davis

I can’t find how to do it either, Sean. It must be easy coz’ everyone does it. Perhaps one of our kind readers could advise us here? We remain a very plain and stark blog otherwise.


  1. Use the embed code, and make sure that you are editing in HTML source mode.

    Happy to help if you drop me a line…


  2. Thanks for the tip, but how about giving an example of the codes to embed? I have tried to embed, but without success.

  3. I think I’ve worked out from Devil how to do it!

    You have to, when editing, click the “CODE” rab at the top of the edit wondow, yes?

    (I don’t know yet, I will have to try tomorrow, have not time right now to scratch my arse.)

    Try it Sean. DD

  4. Just a personal thing here, but I’d like to request you use Youtube as it’s IMV a better interface.

  5. Yeah, it is the code, you just need to highlight it, copy it then paste it into your blog post.

  6. Since you are using wordpress, adding a video is very simple.

    To add a video from YouTube, just do it as follows:

    I hope that helps!

  7. I haven’t seen any videos since this entry. Is that because the code I gave you doesn’t work in this format, or just because you haven’t run across any worthy videos?

    My last response was kind of short, so let me explain my experiences with posting videos in wordpress format.

    With YouTube videos, you will see a little box in the lower right which says “Menu”. Clicking that will give you the url, as well as the embed code.

    The problem with posting embeds into wordpress is that if you click “save and continue”, it will for some unknown reason alter the code. That’s likely why you have had problems posting by using the embed code.

    On the other hand, using the function will not result in an alteration of code even if you are using an interim save function.

    I hope that explains it a bit more clearly than my last comment. :-)

  8. THank you for that.

    There are no videos yet as I have not had much time to find something worthwhile….I would not want to put up the first one being merely of whatever came to hand, just for the hell of it!

    Sean, the other major writer here, probably has his hands full with childcare duties right now. But he comes up with more video urls than I do so I guess he’ll be first.

  9. ER….. sorry?

    I have no clue how to find a little box called “Menu” anywhere on the Utube pages. DD