UPDATED … RAF soldiers abused in public, in England … Well, what do you expect under a government which hates and despises them …

… and whose “education” system peddles anti-Western faux-pacifism and brotherly love?

David Davis

Here it is, in all its glory.  Gordon Brown has “stepped in”. I can’t resist the conparison with the famous “Private Eye” frontpage of the earlt 1970s (for those of you who are too young; “SEWAGE: Heath steps in”.)

UPDATE…I SHALL NOW experiment, and GO ABOUT VERBALLY ABUSING BRITISH FOOTBALLERS, “ATHLETES”,  AND POP SINGERS IN THE STREET as I pass them…and see how far I get before being knifed.

Original post continues: 

I am rather pleased to say it has made it to many of the other main daily news papers also. I cannot say regarding the Wireless Tele Vision, for I find its “news” “bulletins” – especially on the anti-British-BC, of little practical use in understanding the world today.

There is a long tradition in Britain, regarding wearing of service dress in and out of wartime. In general, no British soldier has worn uniform in peacetime, for we are not like the European autocracies, founded on force and fear. But of course we are currently fighting two wars so it is natural that some persons will need to be in the correct dress for, say, deployment overseas, sort of now.

However, this government, while using the Forces more intensely as a proportion of avaiulable personnel than at any time since 1945, hates and despises them as an institution, the last great british one it has not subverted and corrupted, and possibly the most difficult. Can you name any minister since 1997 who has served? I cannot. it is no use “stepping in” now, when the damage has been done, and a climate of enmity towards the very soldiers who try to carry out your foreign policy for you, has been set up by your own media!

Libertarians all over the world will realise exactly how damaging it is, when a liberal-minded and highly moral institution, that functions well despite political assault at home (let alone overstretch abroad) has to justify doing what it needs to do.

3 responses to “UPDATED … RAF soldiers abused in public, in England … Well, what do you expect under a government which hates and despises them …

  1. Government thugs abused? So what?

    They don’t protect our liberties, they do what their employers, the state, tells them to do.

  2. Libertarians ought to be supporting English “government” thugs, over the interests of, er, just, well, thugs, be they thugs attacking us in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Peterborough, England. The latter thugs of course have been brought up by the government to lap up Booby-See propaganda against the West – which is Libertarianism’s last best hope.

    Libertarians may not like the idea of State armies. I know we all rant along about privatising defence (and how soon will we achieve that, pray?) But in the present crisis of world freedom, we mave to choose sides on the basis of which sorts of State thugs are least likely to be amenable to unbridled State thuggery.

  3. Dave:

    Surely libertarians should appraise people by their actions.

    This libertarian doesn’t rant about the idea of privatizing defence. It’s a demented and pernicious idea in its implications.

    Denationalize policing, with those doing police work having the same rights as the rest of us, sure. Private armies on sale to the highest bidder? Heck, the Saudis could just _buy_ the Armed Forces, just as they bought Blair over the Al-Yamamah deal (which little Markie T collected £10 million on).