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Updated … Guido quote of the day … IF he says nothing else in his life, ever, this makes him worth it.

The important part of this post is about how to disseminate widely the instructions, for easily copying the fingerprints of  Stalinist dictocrats, thus condemning them to wear rubber gloves for ever.

AND … I don’t even care a stuff if it’s not original and readers snigger coz’ Guido got it somewhere else. For Christ’s sake, I’m not a blogercenary, I don’t have time to geekdrink coffee all night in front of the screen, and have not time to comb the archives of the web all day, I have a family, children and work to do. So more power to Guido for enlightening-me-lite. 

David Davis

People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people.

Please could everyone in the commentariat go there, to him, and get a copies of (a) the instructions, and (b) the video about how to do it in German.

But that quote was priceless, it cannot be bought. it was the real thing. And no, I don’t know why I can’t switch off italics in wordpress right now. Sod it, publish and be damned.

GO TO “the line is here” now.

David Davis

Marevllous stuff, stirring and purgative. Pass the bottle round chaps, let’s all drink to that.

The New Dark Age … welcome to British State education in the next decade.

David Davis

Christina Speight, an old mate from eurorealist, comments on her own place: 

The trouble with education in Britain is that we have now gone full circle.  The youngsters who were not taught properly 20 years ago are now  the teachers of today, knowing nothing,  but high on waffle and vague theories.   They  therefore find themselves unable to teach history, geography, literature, languages, art and music because they don’t know these subjects themselves.

So they campaign to institutionalise their ignorance.  

At a time when 9 out of 10 young men who want to join the army are rejected by the recruiters as incapable of fighting a modern war (some admittedly  from general unfitness or drug use) we should be grateful that at least 10% have been educated properly enough to do a man’s job.   TEN PERCENT  – and “education, education, education” was to be top priority.”
Head teachers want to drop National Curriculum in schools
By Julie Henry
A range of school subjects could be swept away under new teaching proposals.
The attack on the National Curriculum, which has dictated school timetables for 20 years, could spell the end of separate classes in history, geography, literature, languages, art and music.
Instead, schools would be allowed to decide how they teach big themes such as global warming, conflict and healthy living.
The present list of subjects would be reduced to little more than English, mathematics and computing. The National Association of Head Teachers, responding to a select committee inquiry into whether the National Curriculum is “fit for purpose”, said its structure of 14 compulsory subjects should be replaced by a “minimum framework” that would be “skills and competence-based, rather than prescriptive and knowledge-based”.
Growing calls for flexibility, coupled with a series of curriculum reviews ordered by ministers, represent a serious threat to the future of the traditional timetable.
Academics defended the National Curriculum, saying it was the best guarantee that children were exposed to vital areas of study.
“We haven’t arrived at these subjects by accident,” said Prof Alan Smithers, of Buckingham University. “We have discovered a number of ways of making sense of the world which have been formulated as the sciences, humanities, social sciences and expressive art. It is reasonable to require young people to engage in these vital subjects for a spell of time.”

BAN the hood for good, says Sunday Express

David Davis

It says it here.

In not sure that hoodies aren’t just reacting logically, to the very illiberal surveillance culture and police state that we seem to have allowed to be created around us, while we slept.

Our masters have slipped so far down the one-way-slide into full nazism that even nominally “modern conservative” papers like the Express (that is to say, papers which overtly support a Big State and its actions “for the children”) get away with the chorus of “ban it”, whenever faced with anything invonvenient to deal with except by a change of philosophical outlook.

Tungsten or “Incandescent” light bulbs: buy them while you can.

David Davis

There is now no hope that, even that greenazism has been discredited worldwide, you will be able to buy proper light bulbs that emit light, after 2012 in “Europe”.  Buy lots and lots of tungsten bulbs while you can. It is the only libertarian solution. Yes, the bulbs you buy now will fail eventually, but then the evil Greenariat may have fallen by then, say in 2020, and we can persuade the Chinese to make bulbs for us again, to see by.

 So, stock up! I am doing, and you should too. The evil antiwesterners, such as those who told you to move to Wyoming and buy tinned food in quantity before Y2K (remember that?) will tell you that doom awaits all those who plug in a tungsten bulb, but only if the police come around.

I think this is rubbish but I want further confirmation

David Davis

I would like the blogateriat’s comments on this material.

The glib perversion of real science (the truth of which is not immune to distortion by useful fools and spin-hucksters in the thrall of the enemy) hurts me.

At least, that’s what I think. I could be wrong. But everything I know, and teach, about radioactivity, in physics, screams contradiction of this stuff on the link.

“Jussipussi” … I thought I’d save it for a quiet evening onboard the Blog


David Davis

I don’t really know what to say about it really. But the imagery and the actual product don’t really bear any relation to each other. I think it is bread rolls, or some such, I am not sure. It may have come originally from Newmania (see blogroll) a blog which is (sadly) temporarily closed for the owner to get on with other stuff, he was interested in this kind of thing.