The glorification of the Pig Castro (and no, Che Guevara was an evil murderer, and your T-shirt is even less cool than I said it was.)

This appeared on The Last Ditch and also, I guess, in public;


EDM 982




Burgon, Colin

That this House commends the achievements of Fidel Castro in securing first-class free healthcare and education provision for the people of Cuba despite the 44 year illegal US embargo of the Cuban economy; notes the great strides Cuba has taken during this period in many fields such as biotechnology and sport in both of which Cuba is a world leader; acknowledges the esteem in which Castro is held by the people and leaders of Africa, Asia and Latin America for leading the calls for emancipation of the world’s poorest people from slavery, hunger and the denial of human rights such as the right to life, the right to shelter, the right to healthcare and basic medicines and the right to education; welcomes the EU statement that constructive engagement with Cuba at this time is the most responsible course of action; and calls upon the Government to respect Cuba’s right to self-determination and resist the aggressive forces within the US Administration who are openly planning their own illegal transition in Cuba.

Burgon, Colin
Trickett, Jon
Cruddas, Jon
Gibson, Ian
Clapham, Michael
Mudie, George
Hopkins, Kelvin
McDonnell, John
Cryer, Ann
Abbott, Diane
Taylor, David
Riordan, Linda
Price, Adam
Skinner, Dennis
Heyes, David
Iddon, Brian
Jones, Lynne
Llwyd, Elfyn
O’Hara, Edward
Campbell, Ronnie
Caton, Martin
Corbyn, Jeremy
Dismore, Andrew
Flynn, Paul
Francis, Hywel
Hamilton, David
Battle, John
Clark, Katy
Devine, Jim
Prentice, Gordon
Purchase, Ken
Sheridan, Jim
Singh, Marsha
Holmes, Paul
Hood, Jim
Hoyle, Lindsay
Humble, Joan
Lepper, David
Murphy, Denis
Owen, Albert
Cohen, Harry
Crausby, David
Dean, Janet
Dobbin, Jim
Drew, David
Efford, Clive
Etherington, Bill
Grogan, John
Hamilton, Fabian
Austin, John
Begg, Anne
Taylor, Dari
Wood, Mike
Anderson, David
Davies, Dai
Buck, Karen
Caborn, Richard
Challen, Colin
Cook, Frank
Sharma, Virendra Kumar
Simpson, Alan
Havard, Dai
Kilfoyle, Peter
Mackinlay, Andrew
Mitchell, Austin
Chaytor, David
Davidson, Ian
Galloway, George
Turner, Desmond
Salter, Martin
Vis, Rudi
Slaughter, Andy
James, Sian C

I do not know what relevance this has to the problems created by this same administration, which ought to be sorted out in Westminster. Tom Paine says that Tim Worstall and the Devil want these abovenenamed people to be hanged. Perhaps these are the last days of the 1970s student activists, and the problem will subside along with the Americanisation and freeing of Cuba (long delayed) and the retirement of these sad MPs.

I wonder who would have given these people a job, any job, had they not ended up in Parliament?

2 responses to “The glorification of the Pig Castro (and no, Che Guevara was an evil murderer, and your T-shirt is even less cool than I said it was.)

  1. Yeah, but you saying Che isn’t cool, makes him even more cool. It’s like, have you seen that episode of The Simpsons where Marge says to her kids “Am I cool?” and they say–narrowing their eyes–“no” and then she says “but not trying to be cool, makes me cool, right?” and they say “no”?

    Essentially, it doesn’t matter what you say, you may as well give up. To people who are “cool”, Che isn’t the counter-revolutionary murdering scumbag you know and hate, he’s just some cool guy with a beard on a T-Shirt. The fact that a middle-aged white guy claims he isn’t cool just makes him more cool. Truth means nothing to these people. It’s all about the hipster beard and the retro beret. They don’t even know what a cadre is dude. Your best bet is to pick your battles more wisely. Instead of fighting Che T-shirts, undermine the concept of the political T-shirts entirely. Put Jimmy Saville or Madsen Pirie on a shirt. Create a a Che shirt where’s he’s holding two thumbs-up, like the Fonz. Ridicule rather than righteous indignation.

    Or, if you really must, create a T-shirt with Vito-fuckin’-Corlene on it. After all it was essentially his ilk who ran Cuba before the pimp-daddy Castro and his posse took over, innit? Capiche?

  2. What’s Jimmy Saville got to do with anything? Have I missed something?