William F Buckley, of National review fame, died yesterday.

This man needs no intro from me,

But, as that paper does them so well usually, Here is his obit in the DTel. 

Here is

Mark Steyn’s take on him.

6 responses to “William F Buckley, of National review fame, died yesterday.

  1. I’ve only just looked up this guy’s Wikipedia article, it’s in the queue after Ayn Rand’s. It seems Ayn was slightly more enlightened that my Auntie Silvia, although Silvia did manage to convince me that jets and a Red Arrow (The wonderful RAF display team) are fundamentally the same thing. I was only six at the time. I’d like to apologise to David for that rogue torpedo let loose the other night, there was a faulty flooding mechanism on one of the tubes. On reflection I think it was at best rude and considering your voluntary efforts on this blog, abusive. Hope you don’t hold it against me, I was trying to clear the cobwebs (not your cobwebs, I log on regularly). My respects to Mr Buckley’s family, and to the assurance of his memory.

  2. Don’t worry Nero, you are (as we say here in Lancs) … “all right”.


  3. Sometimes, to make the point slightly less ambigiously, we would say

    “You’re all right, man.” (or “girl”, if it’s a lady, who is being allowed to relax.)

  4. Cheers Boss.

  5. One or another crap remake, but a film nontheless.

  6. I rather like Buckley the novelist.

    “Stained Glass” is excellent; and “Who’s on First?” is most entertaining.