AYN RAND ….. SHE knew how they would do it. “Liberal” destroyers and their wimpish “Conservative” hangers-on.

David Davis

I came across this quote today: “The basic and crucial political issue of our age is: capitalism versus
socialism, or freedom versus statism. For decades, this issue has been
silenced, suppressed, evaded, and hidden under the foggy, undefined
rubber-terms of “conservatism” and “liberalism” which had lost their
original meaning and could be stretched to mean all things to all men.
The goal of the “liberals”—as it emerges from the record of the past
decades—was to smuggle this country (USA) into welfare statism by means of
single, concrete, specific measures, enlarging the power of the government a
step at a time, never permitting these steps to be summed up into
principles, never permitting their direction to be identified or the basic
issue to be named. Thus statism was to come, not by vote or by violence, but
by slow rot—by a long process of evasion and epistemological corruption,
leading to a fait accompli. (The goal of the “conservatives” was only to
retard that process.)
“‘Extremism,’ or The Art of Smearing,”
Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Page 178 A good read, is “Capitalism, the unknown ideal.” It wonders me, often, how and why the word “Capitalism” ends up being so lynched, so….well….er, unsuitable to use in “polite company”.  Whereas “Socialism” gets you invited to the chi-chi-est metroland dinner-parties, given by the Stars.

Indeed. Guido Fawkes thinks that socialists even worship the “stars” themselves. He wonders, here, what business Gordon brown had inviting the Beckhams to Chequers ….. perhaps they are his new “Special Advisers” on “state-television-programming policy”…..

(For newer or younger readers, who may not know who Ayn Rand was, or who have not yet experienced her writings, click here.)

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  1. Heh heh, she looks like my auntie Silvia!