Addition to blogroll: Freiheit und Zivilisation


Robert Grözinger seems to be a German libertarian. The more such people there are on the Continent, the better.

5 responses to “Addition to blogroll: Freiheit und Zivilisation

  1. Robert is a good friend. He lives in Somerset

  2. Good! Can’t think why I had not spotted him before now.

  3. Robert Groezinger

    Hello David, thanks for mentioning my blog. I’ve currently shifted my activities to another German libertarian blog:
    Here are a few other German/Austrian classical liberal and libertarian sites you might be interested in:

  4. Not to forget Paxx, one of the most widely read German-language liberatarian blogs.

  5. Thanks for that Holger – I have added them to the blogroll. Should have been there before, really.