The food and water nazis are increasing their reach. Now, “Bottled Water is Immoral”.

David Davis

This from today’s Sunday Telegraph. Although the wheels are coming, scientifically and logically as they must anyway, off the global warm-mongering-bandwaggon, these interfering Stalinists not only don’t learn and don’t say “sorry”, they keep buggering on. Some of it is worth quoting for its breathtaking pomposity:

Drinking bottled water should be made as unfashionable as smoking, according to a government adviser.

“We have to make people think that it’s unfashionable just as we have with smoking. We need a similar campaign to convince people that this is wrong,” said Tim Lang, the Government’s naural resources commissioner.

  Bottled water generates up to 600 times more C02 than tap water
Bottled water generates upto 600 times more CO2 than tap water

Phil Woolas, the environment minister, added that the amount of money spent on mineral water “borders on being morally unacceptable”.

Their comments come as new research shows that drinking a bottle of water has the same impact on the environment as driving a car for a kilometre. Conservation groups and water providers have started a campaign against the £2 billion industry.

A BBC Panorama documentary, “Bottled Water: Who Needs It?”, to be broadcast tomorrow says that in terms of production, a litre bottle of Evian or Volvic generates up to 600 times more CO2 than a litre of tap water.

If semi-state-supplied tap water, provided by (not really free market) water “companies” did not taste and smell so utterly disgusting, then perhaps more people would drink it. But then, in a Nazified socialist paradise with no available or permitted plastic bottles (your carbon footprint, sonny), how do you take it with you on a sunny day, or indeed any other kind of day?

6 responses to “The food and water nazis are increasing their reach. Now, “Bottled Water is Immoral”.

  1. In our area they poison the water with a ‘medication’, a by product of the fertilizer industry.
    Useless to anyone but feckless parents who don’t teach proper dental hygiene to their offspring and potentially harmfull.
    I’d rather not drink that foul witches brew thanks.

  2. This raises the problme with state-authorised water-suppliers. They can be forced to put “stuff” in it “for health reasons”, which makes us into their farm animals, such as Sodium Fluoride for instance. I am not quite sure what exactly you are referring to as the fertiliser by-product here. It can’t be fluoride?

  3. Apparently so:
    “The hexafluorosilic acid used by United Utilities is sourced from a Norwegian company. It is a waste by-product of the production of fertiliser”
    According to this mob ( ) anyhow.
    To be honest I couldn’t care less if it was sponged from the thighs of cuban virgins, I don’t want the bloody stuff in my water.

  4. Quite right too, they don’t own you or even your teeth – even though they think there is an historical precedent for this one in particular!

  5. Obviously the beer interests are behind this.

  6. “Beer” “interests”……er? Not sure quite what you mean, Anton.