Political Correctness, Hitler, Stalin, Mao-tse-Tung, Gordon Brown, and culture.

Yesterday Simon Heffer (Simon Heffer for Prime Minister!…..except he’s unsound on drugs – he doesn’t want them legalised) said this in the Daily Telegraph.

Every school child will be “entitled” to “five hours of culture per week through school, and vast shagloads of money (some hundreds of millions) are to be spent on “People’s Ecological Street-Dance-Theatre” type projects, and “Avant-Garde” films including a setup to produce more.

For those of you who went to sleep in about 1940 and have just woken up, “avant-garde” films are badly-shot films about not very interesting stuff, in which everybody has emotional problems and then they all die; the cuts are unsteady and very long, the film “grosses” £1,549.60 in Islington, it goes straight to the bin, not straight to DVD, the characters are “tormented by challenging emotions” (and then they all die) and then they all die – or at least those with whom you most sympathised. And of course the West is to blame, chiefly America, and it’s all about oil or homophobia.

Even Hollywood makes appreciable amounts of this pointlessly self-regarding shite, mainly because the producers:

(a) live under the American Missile Umbrella, so it’s never raining where they are, and

(b) it’s a good way (if you’re rich) to show how (very NOT George W Bushitler-Halliburton) you are, and how (very NOT trailer-trash redneck) you are.

The thesis as read by me out of it is that Gordon is trying to do two things;

(1) pretend to be on the side of uplifting high culture, as a way to mitigate the effect of useless socialist state schools, in their national-curriculum-syllabus-directed mass-production of completely deculturalised teenagers,

(2) give lots of extra employment to luvvies who will then continue to vote for you, in return for paying them to make politically-correct cultural objects so that they can feel important.

The problem is that Brown is confusing “culture” with Culture.

Culture has objective value, whereas “culture” is subjectively defined by the socialist ruling elite, in accordance with what they want what they used to call (while at “Uni”) “the masses”, to think, believe and emulate.

All real socialists end up by nationalising and therefore corrupting culture, art and private creative achievement. Marxism-Leninism showed the way in Russia. Distribution of the products of the graphic arts was poor before then, so that’s when the buggers really got going on the world. Hitler, a most energetic and self-admitted socialist, did the same in what I like to term R-3 (R-x….R-whatever-you-want….R-3 is not the first or the last in this series of murdertroid imperialist structures.) 

What Brown’s “initiative” will achieve is in effect the nationalisation of art and culture in Britain. I wonder what they’ll do, since we have no smoking-chimney-factories, nor even farms of any note any more, in which to depict craggy-visaged workers, er, working?

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  1. I wouldn’t overly worry about Gordon Brown’s five hours of culture policy.

    Firstly, the real purpose of the policy is to be seen to be doing something and to distract people from all the crises happening around them. The policy is so obviously bogus. For example: Five hours of culture can include visiting a library. Like much target driven centrally directed activity teachers will become adept at classifying stuff as culture to make up their quota.

    Secondly, Gordon Brown is going to be short of money to squander on this policy for obvious reasons.

    Thirdly, if he lasts till the next election, he certainly won’t last beyond it. A “Blue Labour” government will bin this policy.

    Fourthly, the progressives already have control of “culture” through control of the BBC, massive presence in every field of journalism and the media and control of the universities, teacher training colleges, etc.. So what difference will this policy make.

    But don’t dispair, for the facts of life remain conservative. So all the political class will achieve is to make the general public even more cynical about them.

  2. Thank you Otto, for your encouragement! You make a poor old pessimist (an optimist who is in possession of all the facts) happier to fall asleep tonight. I do feel somewhat burdened by the cares of the world these days.

    I do hope your (seemingly watertight) analysis is more correct than mine.

  3. The trouble is, Otto, that many of my students tell me privately that they do fall for the ghastly stuff they are told.

    In their hearts, they know it’s crap and irremediable shite, but everyone round them INCLUDING THE TEACHER, is masturbating furiously about the rightness of what has just been (usually shown on the video) = told.

    I don’t know any more what to do about this sort of assault; do you?

  4. Five hours of listening to the Iman of Canterbury, pox be upon him, read from the koran will suffice.

  5. I’ve had a change of heart Dave, I’m putting a cross in the box for you guys next time round. I mean, I am a Working Class Hero made good, but even I wouldn’t vote for that daft sod.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about the “kulcher” thing. The kids will listen to the radio or their iPods and sleep through anything imposed on them. Kids are savvy, and hate their existing masters with a most gratifying intensity.

    I would offer them Adam Curtis’ documentary series “The Power of Nightmars” (available on Google Video) which describes up front how the political class gave up appealing to us with optimistic futures, and started to threaten us with bogus “crises”, false-flag ‘terrorism’ and global pandemics so as to cow us into compliance.

    Now the “9/11” scam is falling to pieces under the weight of overwhelming worldwide research. 36% of Americans accept that it was an “inside job.” The Arab world is divided evenly between “Osama as jihad hero” and “Osama as CIA stooge.”

    The Chief Freedom of Information Officer at the Pentagon, who was there that day when his boss got killed, said to me with a voice like polished steel:

    “Tony, _there was no Boeing_.”

    Right Wing Authoritarianism is cracking up.



  7. Thank you Nero, for that! there is a Libertarian Party of course now, here (nothing to do with us but sound chaps all the same) and we will help them out I am sure when the time comes.

  8. Don’t know what to make of that, Tony. You don’t seriously believe that a Western administration, even one composed of statist shits, would kill 3000+ of its own people in a put-up-job made to look like it was people who always SAID they would do such a thing, and praised it when it happened….do you?

  9. Well, Dave, I do know that FDR’s administration deliberately provoked Japan into a war; that they knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming; and they deliberately failed to notify Admiral Kimmel at Pearl until it was too late. 3,000 Americans died in the attack.

    We do know that — during the “Strategy of Tension” in Italy in the ‘Seventies – factions of the laughably-named “Italian Security Services” created (at least) two rival “terrorist” organizations who went around killing innocent people on a grand scale (including the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro), with the idea of showing that “democracy doesn’t work” whereupon the ‘Security Services” would seize power.

    Of course, it’s not necessary for the entire Administration to be “in the know.” These things aren’t done that way. All it needs is a few conspirators in key positions, working in compartmented operations. The people planting the explosives can be told that there has been ‘actionable intelligence’ of a terrorist attack aimed at toppling the buildings; and they’re working to avert that risk.

    Live rounds can be inserted into a scheduled Air Defense exercise, if you know how the systems work.

    If you’re the authoritarian Rudy Giuliani, you might be recruited to destroy all the evidence at a crime scene (illegal in itself). If you’re the authoritarian John Ashcroft, whose FBI was tasked to investigate internal terrorism, you can sit on it and do nothing. There has never been an adequate investigation of what took place, and why.

    Simply put, Dave, it is physically impossible for aircraft impact (designed for) or fire (designed for) to destroy a steel-framed skyscraper. The strength of the Towers was the internal load-bearing cores. These fell at unobstructed gravitational speed (@ten seconds from 1000 ft.), with everything in the way being blasted out of the way. The highest temperatures found on any structural steelwork afterwards was 250 degrees C. The structure “wicks” away the heat.

    Hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete were blown to <100 micron powder, all over New York. Steelwork was shattered and blown hundreds of yards. The buildings were exploded in the most dramatic possible way (“Mushroom clouds!”).

    And we were landed with the myth of “invincibly destructive Islamic/Arab/w.h.y. suicide terrorists” as a substitute for the now-vanished USSR.

    No wonder they behave the way they do.

    And we can _prove_ all this. We have architects, engineers, Intel chiefs, Prime Ministers, pilots, explosives experts, numbering into the thousands.

    “The Truth Shall Set You Free.”



  10. Sorry, Tony. I don’t buy that “truther stuff. Never did.

    Also, 4 planes multiplies by 4 the probability that someone will grass you up…..for money, or sensation, or to be like that horrible guy who says “fuck”, with appropriate gestures, on American television (can’t think who he is, but he’s nicely ridiculed on Monnbattery.

    And let’s say Bush was responsible. Do you not think that with so many people hating the poor guy, he would not have been officially “twin-tower-gated” by now?

    Come on, it’s longer since 9/11 than the length of WW2. They must have been able to come up with something such that this all gets off the fringes of the internet, and gets into the US Supreme Court!

    And how are you going to “prepare” the world’s most populated skyscrapers for “demolition”, with 50,000 employees stepping over you 24/7?

    No, sorry. I don’t buy all that rubbish. I am unpopular on the internet for saying so, becasue to believe it is fun, and sort of, er, slightly “daring”, in a kind of studentish-activist-way.

    Of course you will know about the sinking of the liner “Athenia” outward bound to the uSA, on 4th September 1939 by U-30 (Kapt. Lemp.) 116 people died including many US citizens and children. A friendly allied paper, the Volkischer Beobachter, noted that the liner had been “sabotaged, blown up be a bomb planted by agents of Churchill, in order to kindle hostility to Germany in America.” This story enjoyed a spurious life for some time in the USA and in Britain, even after Lemp and U-30 had returns from their first war patrol and the truth was known in Washington.

    Tony, I bet you £10 sterling that the truthers are wrong and the public story is the real one.

  11. Dave:

    But I’m not asking you to ‘buy that ‘truther’ stuff.

    Nor am I interested in psychologistic or sociological waffle.

    I’m talking physics and engineering.

    I won’t discuss the “hijackings” because we have little or no physical evidence that planes were ‘hijacked’ in any ordinary sense of the word. Perhaps the 4 planes were rigged to lock out the pilots from the controls and set the autopilots to ‘deep-six’ the planes in the Atlantic or whatever, with radio-controlled planes used for the attacks.

    We don’t know because — most unusually — there has never been even an attempt to reconstruct the aircraft from the available remnants. Why not?

    Ask yourself how it is that EIGHT great turbofan engines, each with serialized parts, have completely disappeared, never to be seen again. Then there are the massive steel wheel bogies with their axles. All gone!

    I have no reason to think that Bush “did it.” I certainly wouldn’t convict him beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Ask yourself where the Pentagon remains went. Ask yourself where the Shanksville remains went.

    The cores of the Twin Towers contain all the elevators, stairways etc. Under each floor there are crawl spaces with access to all the structural steelwork. There are numerous service elevators. Provide the people rigging the explosives with suitable credentials, and access is easy and unobtrusive.

    As I say, rely on the physical evidence. Once something embarassing happens, all bureaucracies (public and private) will cover their asses. You know that.

    I remember Robert Moss explaining how these big psyops projects go down: “Get your story on the front pages and on TV for three days, and it doesn’t matter what happens after that.”

    But that was before the Internet Age.

    Every intelligence agency in the world is looking into what really happened. The “Official Conspiracy Theory” is completely untenable at every crucial point.

    I didn’t want to face up to that either, Dave.



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  14. The Gladiator

    He’s right don’t trust anyone these day’s there are grasses everywhere,
    low life rats. PC rats, Labour created an england of grasses trust no one.