The Lent Fast; is this a “Christian Ramadan”? Or is “Ramadan” a Muslim rip-off of the tormenting of Christ? so, did Mohammed get the idea from us, or what? Libertarianism and theory of “religion-ness”.

It’s not just us here, whose supposed secular prelates are losing their nerve against what they see as an unstoppable trend. A man described as an “Arch-Bishop”, called Rowan Williams, has got into hot water with the Devil recently.

So, if you are a Dutch catholic, what to do? Go with it, or resist? If the prevailing terms of discourse in your civilisation seem to be against you, then perhaps go with it…..for now.

But then, finally, when “they” (whoever they may be) come for YOU, and there is nobody to speak for you, what then?

I got this via Mark Steyn and his national-review/corner bitty-bit:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What’s in a name?   [Mark Steyn]

It’s not just Anglican Archbishops who are determined to make the transition painless:

Dutch Catholics have re-branded the Lent fast as the “Christian Ramadan” in an attempt to appeal to young people who are more likely to know about Islam than Christianity.

02/12 07:51 AM

I am not clear totally about this, not having been there in real time, but I think that Jesus Christ (is said to have) fasted in the desert for 40 days, about the year 28 or 29 AD. Mohammad must have finished honing his desert-survival-guide-cum-political-strategy-and-slave-handling-manual, for his various relations, conquered-and-subdued-populations-and-hench-people, about the year 632 AD, which is when he is said to have died. From my students, I infer Ramadan to be about as long, as Jesus Christ fasted, or about a “moon”.

Mark Steyn in currently in trouble with the Canadian (non) Authorities, called HRC’s, which is to say “Human Rights Commissions”, which are broadly anti-Western NGOs paid for by Canadian taxation, to indict people who say things that might offend PC-minorities. All he did is state that moslems in the west will outbreed ethnic “westerners”, and quite quickly. That seems to be a mathematical fact but he is under fire.

I find it very interesting that a “deep” European country’s “Catholics” (I thought they they thought that they owned the Citadel of Christendom – and Holland is “deep” European whereas we in Britain even are not) are defining deeply regular ( = ROOTED/RULED, or non-secular) aspects of “their” “religion” in terms of another, later one which has an arm which professes to need to exterminate all other religions on Earth.

Libertarians ought to be concerned here. Not because many libertarians are religious, and anyway I don’t think many Libertarians are Religious in the Formal Sense; old Chris Tame sometimes even described himself as “anti-religious”. I have heard him, and his first wife Judy, both saying that thing, and I was not offended and they did not expect me to be.  

I and other libertarians should be worried, because (religious and other) ideas which have underpinned the Enlightenment – basically that Man is rational and has sovereign thought and that some [religions] allow this – are being thrown away casually by people “in charge” who ought to know better, and who are “in charge” of temporal regions targeted by those who would not take a bright view of libertarian ideas, say about “gays” and “lesbians” for instance.

There must be several of these people in Holland for example. Indeed, I even came across a report in the “Sunday Sport”, “courtesy of a friend”, which stated that two “lesbians” “were beheaded in public in Saudi Arabia” on 1st February 2008, in Rhiyadh”, for having been “videoed on a mobile phone kissing each other” (I wonder who betrayed them? Hope it was not the ISP. Better find out which one if it was.)

The Shari’a Court admitted as admissible the video evidence, and “convicted” the two sisters (as they were, it seems.)  I had a better report, a few days ago, but I deleted the draft as it was too graphic. I think this is terrible if true – I don’t fancy lesbians at all, and being a rebid “hetero” muself, I think all that stuff is disgusting and I would not do it if you paid me (it’s almost as bad as smoking) but if they want to do what they say they want to do, then that is their affair and nobody else’s and certainly not mine.

I think that for most Libertarians, God is an “add-on”. As a scientist, for me He represents “order” or “Logos”, of which the Universe contains an enormously great deal, and it is very highly ordered and logical and beautiful, and it is not done by accident. (No I am NOT a creationist! God’s order is achieved, in the fullness of time, through His physical Laws which govern matter and energy. Darwin was perfectly correct.) Scientists and Lancashire mud-bumpkins like me believe in Him absolutely, and we seek to understand His Mind; that is our main job, and it is also why we hate the “political correctness” mob of killers, moochers and wastrels so much, for they obscure the big picture and delay Man in his quest.

Therefore, unhelpful interjections by temporarily-terrified people who ought to know better, are, er, rather unhelpful.

This also begs the question of whether I think the Judeo-Christian model of cosmology and hence therefore the philosophy of knowledge and Science and belief, is the correct one, or else any other competing one.

I bet you all 5p you can tell which one I go for. 

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  1. I blog about Saudi Arabia at Crossroads Arabia and sweep the Arab media several times a day.

    I haven’t seen a single piece about the lesbians allegedly executed.

    Could you please provide a citation English or Arabic?


  2. I can’t find it now John, I think it got deleted. But it was in one UK newspaper on Sunday 3rd feb, referring to the event which allegedly took place friday 1st feb in Rhiyadh. It was so graphic that I was almost ill.

  3. Perhaps, Christians should start explaining that a crusade is just a Christain jihad, that a crusader is just a Christian mujahid, and that just like jihad is a duty for devout muslims, crusading is a duty for devout Christians. After all they are both Christianity and islam are religions of peace, aren’t they?

  4. We should start explaining what a Crusade was, yer, truly!

    You’d be horrified at what you would learn, today, under the Stalinized “national curriculum”, as a British pre-teen or teenager, about these desperate forays. They were of course attempts to shore up the Byzantine Empire, and ancient Christian kingdoms and societies that pre-dated Islam (these were mostly overwhelmed) but you do not learn this. You are told that it was aggressive medieval European knights and venturers, unilaterally assaulting the Turks and Saracens, in the Holy Land, on a flimsy pretext of “defending the Holy Places for pilgrims”.

    Once this is explained, the logic of the succeesing 900 years becomes transparently clear. however, a student will get no marks at all for saying so, for this strand of discourse has been deleted from the “syllabus”.

  5. To answer your question in regards to Islam and fasting. Allah (exalted is He above every imperfection) says in the Holy Qur’an, “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may have Taqwa (i.e. resounding hope and fear of God)”

    In Islam we believe that all Messengers and Prophets taught and preached the same message although their legal systems may have varied from time and place. That message being that there is only one God and to follow the respective Prophet as an example of how to live according to God’s commandments.

    Muslims believe in all the Prophets making no distinction (ie claiming divinity) of any one Prophet over another. Therefore, we accept Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Zakariah, Job, etc (peace be upon all of them) as Prophet’s of God. In this way, Islam came to perfect and complete the previous revelations that had come prior to it as they had been changed or tampered with. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) represents the last and final Prophet to come. As such, we believe that God has preserved the final revelation the Qur’an and it stands as a testament of the proof and veracity of the Prophet Muhammad’s claim of Prophet.

    So this is why see this similarity between Islam and the other religions in regards to fasting. However, there are a number of laws regarding fasting in Islam that may differ from how fasting is implemented amongst Jews and Christians.

    With peace,


    I had posed a question on our blog to our Christian brothers and viewers. Does anyone care to comment?

  6. To: Aetius

    Can you define what the word Jihad means both it’s lexical and technical meaning? Also, can you explain to us the preconditions and requisites of Jihad according to relied upon Muslim jurists? I believe this would help us seperate false claims from legitimate jihad.

    Additionally, do you care to provide a scholarly non-biased historical context so that we may see how Jihad has been conducted under legitmate authority?