A man described as an “Archbishop of Canterbury” says “Sharia Law is inevitable” in the UK.

Here it was. As seen on the Booby-See.

I know what to do.

Let the Statist outfit that still thinks it’s in charge in the UK do the following thing.

Let it state that any aspect of “Sharia” “law” that accords entirely with the accumulated precepts of English Law as codified, and as updated by case law as is natural, shall be unofficially allowed. Any contrary procedure or jurisprudential opinions, emanating from “Sharia” “law” will be disallowed.

Individuals who don’t like this settlement are free to live in whatever country they choose or will have them.

Along with I expect other Christians, I’m not sure quite what this clearly very saintly man, a true socialist and (I am sure) sincere critic of English civilisation, is really doing in Lambeth Palace. He can’t be happy there, and is clearly a tormented individual. He may now be presiding over the dissolution of his Church, which is no longer my problem as I have been a Roman Catholic for some years – but it is his.

4 responses to “A man described as an “Archbishop of Canterbury” says “Sharia Law is inevitable” in the UK.

  1. That’s not a bad idea, but it’s still worrying isn’t it? I mean the fact that, although he’s a turnip, he’s right when he says Sharia seems unavoidable.

    We live in interesting, if worrying, times.

  2. Sir / Madam,
    In my humble opinion The Archbishop was gently preparing the people of Britain for the inevitable Islamification of the country.
    The governmental departments dealing with demographic studies with a view to policy formulation know that western European females have a fertility level of 1.3 children each, our citizens from the Indian and African continents have a fertility level of between 4 and 5 children.
    With our current population of 10 million citizens & children from these geographical locations against an overall current population of 62 million the immigrant population will outnumber the host population within 40 years.
    The beauty of democracy is it’s plasticity, that is, it’s ability to morph into a tool to suit its electorate. This is inevitable, it cannot be altered and will not.
    We are able to see this now, in cities such as Leicester.
    At local council level, many wards are almost completely run & staffed by Asian citizens. They will, as all other settlers have, climb the ladder of power until they are in a position to make changes to the law, and who is to say that it will be any poorer for that fact.
    I may add, that in the course of my job, I work within the homes of all sections of the community. In the houses of the Asian community, the children are diligently working away at their homework or reading, or often indeed, under religious instruction from the local Islamic instructor (even on a Saturday).
    When in the homes of the white indigenous people, the children are either in the sitting room watching ‘Desperate Housewives’ or playing computer games.
    I may accurately estimate that 95 percent of white children have televisions in their bedrooms and 80 percent have computers (with internet access).
    In Islamic households the computer is always downstairs, generally in the study – where their parents are able to monitor and guide their usage.
    Enter into a conversation with a child from the Asian community and it’s a pleasure to hear the enthusiasm with which they approach life, try engaging most white children and you struggle to decipher their syntax let alone their ideas or sentiment.
    I know who are destined to be the future elite in the U.K, and these are the folk who will decide the laws under which we live.


  3. Gus may have a good point. I have taught all kinds of children and have to say I find the Asians (generally, including Hindus, and Chinese of whatever faith it may be that they practise) more committed to studying and getting on.

    For my part, I firmly believe that the ruination and de-education of the indigenous White children to be an absolutely deliberate policy. I think the Global Left, heavily-represented in the Enemy Class of Britain (this also deliberate) deeply, deeply hates English liberal civilisation, and wants it dead. they are making an example of the purposeful destruction of this people in its homeland.

    The Asian work-ethic, being still strong in immigrant familes who come here, is a force for good. If the whole framework of jurisprudential discourse in Britain changes such that alternative legal-philosophical systems have to be put on the political agenda, then it’s our fault for being asleep while the Left was getting it done.

    And no I am NOT a member of the BNP nor have I ever been, in case anyone asks! Anyway, it would be in contravention of the Rules of the Libertarian Party to belong to any other, since I am a member of that!

  4. And incidentally, I have found young “black” males, if you can get them one-2-one, and get their “respect” (not hard really) a pleasure to teach.