There is now a Libertarian Party in the UK.

David Davis

Here it is.

5 responses to “There is now a Libertarian Party in the UK.

    The Party will not support nor authorise the formation of any directly associated local groups or
    constituency organisations.

    I thought this quote from the Party Constitution rather odd…

  2. Who’s started this, do we know?

  3. It could be Devil’s Kitchen, but he’s never iindicated a wish to be involved with a L/party. Not sure as I have not asked him yet! Should have done I suppose….

  4. I think it was Ian parker joseph

  5. It must be hoped (without any great expectation) that anyone thinking of joining this “Libertarian” Party will read and understand this:



    PS: Why is the Botsford Archive filled with neo-cons and self-professed conservatives?