Libertarian Alliance Blog upsets reader. So, what shall we write about?

David Davis (on Bridge) 

This missile, a comment on the Guido post just under this one here, hit the port quarter of the Blog sometime in the night while the Senior-Apprentice-Blogging-Chimpanzee-Typists’ mess was off-watch. And some debris as follows was found clinging to the hull……

Dave, I’ve had about as much as I can take.

Isn’t there any chance you can piss off and pasture?

You’re shite. I mean, I know Sean’s just had a kid, but even if he only updated this once every three months it’d be better than your drivel. I mean, I fucking hate Labour, but I’m gonna vote for them because of you!

Well, you may vote for whoever pleases you; it’s not my decision. But…..the trouble we now have in Britain, was one which you did not address in your otherwise clear and very cogent comment. It is the excessive outward panoply and trappings of power, money and authority which “career” “politicians” (particularly Labour ones and other “un-conservatives” of course, as is natural and inevitable) purport to command for themselves, at the expense of doing what Western political theory states that they ought to do.

If we are stuck, for the time being, with a “Big Statist” state such as this one, and most others, then I just thought that we ought to ask what should be done to demolish all these shiny levers of power and wealth which “politicans” contrive to manufacture and get their mitts on.

That was my point.

Anyway, I should be so lucky. Mark Steyn gets far more negative stuff in his box than I do!

6 responses to “Libertarian Alliance Blog upsets reader. So, what shall we write about?

  1. I like you David.

  2. Heh heh heh…

  3. Thank you both, for making that little exchange worthwhile!

  4. There is a certain Internet school of thought that thinks vituperation, scorn and general wild flailing are adequate substitutes for thinking. You and Paul Staines are prime examples, but there are others across the whole political spectrum.

    I don’t know about making me vote Labour – that is a bit extreme – but in your case you have made me reconsider my decision to subscribe to the Libertarian Alliance. I don’t want to be associated, however indirectly, with such people.

  5. I for one _like_ Dave’s somewhat hyperbolic style, even where I disagree with it (and I do, on the nature of ‘the enemy’ and on the EU (which is far from ideal). The case, to be made, has sometimes to be over-stated.

    The LA has _always_ had a “broadcasting AT” rather than “discussing with” structure, propagandistic rather than discursive. It has, to some extent, compensated for this by offering a wide range of views.

    This is not the ideal format for Critical Rationalism, or for the Internet Age. To get a
    better idea, take a look at:

    Thare, you have 1500 lightly moderated people generating a wealth of libertarian material.

    Anyone who wants to can start a new topic of discussion, and it’s easy to keep track of new replies and new posts. It’s not monochromatic.

    It doesn’t suffer from heavy-handed moderation, which will kill any spontaneous discussion stone dead. It’s a growing community of individualistic people.

    And it’s unavoidably a lot more fun.



  6. Ian, if you are referring to me in your latest, thenI take the hyperbolic stands which I do sometimes BECAUSE the civilisation we belong to is (a) absolutely and objectively the least bad of the offered (nay, forced in most cases! WE OFFER, but THEY FORCE) alternatives and (b) therefore worth defending, and (c) not enough people are doing or (worse, have [not] done) enough of the same thing in the last 100 years or so.

    I forget which Russian “dissident” it was who said:-
    “in order for many people to only need to do a little, it is necessary for a few people to do much”.

    I’m surprised you compare me with Paul Staines! (If that was what you meant.) This blog is nowhere near being in his league. He gets 500,000 (ish) hits a month, and is universally read by the Enemy Class, to find out who he will hit next. If we do 1% of that, we are in clover.