Daniel Hannan, the “European Union”, freedom, liberty, Nazism (freely expressed by its “Parliament” last week) and strategy. What ought libertarians to do about the “European” “Union”?

David Davis 

Something must be done; this is clear, for ordinary rational humans cannot allow this organisation to carry on trampling over liberalism as is now does. The people of the nations of “Europe” (it does not exist but the people in them think that the nations do) have MEPs who can now get “expelled” from their (nazi-grouping) “parties” for “objecting” to suspension of the rules of debate in its supposed “Parliament”.

Daniel Hannan (see earlier post, and here is his own blog) was right to compare implicitly the action of the “Parliament” with the “enabling Act” ( die Ermächtigungsgezetz) passed by the Nazis in 1933, allowing them in effect to allow or disallow whatever pleased the Fuhrer at any time. At no time do I see that he called poor sad Hans-Gert Pöttering a nazi.

Speaking of herr Pöttering, who had the personal misfortune to lose his father in WW2, it makes you wonder what country the said father might have been in at the time, and why he should have been there. Statistically, Russia, I guess, merely going on mass casualty figures for the German forces.

Too much evidence has accumulated for the following hypothesis, for it simply to be swept away under whatever carpet the Praesidium of the EU tries to magic up:

Now, the EU is positioned, always, as a great boon, simply a level trading bloc, or something that makes travel, money and work easier in a large area. But the continual confiscation of previously national powers, and their irrevocable sequestering behind walls of unaccountability, is a suspicious pointer to a state forming, that behaves just like the 3rd reich would have done if it had succeeded in dominating a “New Europe” (its phrase, not mine.)

So, what ought Libertarians to say and do about the “European” “Union”? If it was my call, I’d dissolve it unilaterally, with the Rothbardian button in front of me labelled “European Union Dissolution”, which I will be pleased to press. At a stroke, the phalanxes of bureaucrats would take unplanned redundancy, their buildings would disappear, their records would vanish into thin air, and their salaries and pensions would be no more. Furthermore, all “National” “legislation” emanating from Brussels however indirectly, would miraculously evaporate from National Statute Books.

I have not the slightest clue what all these suddenly unemployed and impecunious dictocrats would do, to keep food in their mouths or roofs over their heads. I suspect many have loot stashed here and there so I will not weep for them; it will be too complicated to pursue them all anyway – we should just go for the ringleaders and the grand-larceny guys, who have fingered say more than the equivalent of £1 million.

VAT could be abolished immediately in the UK.

The slight technical problem of “National Governments” in the real nations of continental Europe would need sorting. It should be possible to find enough free-market-liberal or capitalist-conservative nationalists, of limited statist persuasion, in each country, to form administrations on the Old English Westminster Model (pre-treaty-of-Rome) and who could operate a low and bearable measure of government for as long as they were tolerated.

Each newly-liberated nation could adopt for circulation whatever Monies inhabitants are pleased to accept in their trades. The “Euro” might even survive; there is nothing wrong with it theoretically except that it is just another worthless “fiat” currency like all the others. (I believe it is backed to a higher extent by Gold however, than Sterling now is after Brown sold 60% of our gold reserves after carefully talking down the price.)

Other libertarians might think that the “EU” as it stands offers better prosects for individual liberty than are currently on offer or predicted for the UK. I welcome discussion of this point.

2 responses to “Daniel Hannan, the “European Union”, freedom, liberty, Nazism (freely expressed by its “Parliament” last week) and strategy. What ought libertarians to do about the “European” “Union”?

  1. What is to be done about the EU?

    The short answer is unrelenting hostility to this corrupt, iatrogenic, opaque, anti-democratic tyranny.

    Every opportunity to alert people to the true nature of the EU must be taken.

    Certain issues lend themselves to revealing the nature of a person, a group or an ideology. For example, in the case of Islam its treatment of women and gays is such an issue. It seems to me that one such issue for the EU is how well the politicians are doing out of it. How ever low much of the corrupt, treacherous, careerist, lobby fodder in Westminster is the true believers in Brussels are far worse.

  2. The British people are now subject to more than 97,000 pages of directives and regulations – which Parliament is powerless to reject.

    The europhile Tory MP, Kenneth Clarke, wrote ten years ago, ‘I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a ouncil
    chamber in Europe,’

    He may not have long to wait, as Lord Denning, former Master of the Rolls said:
    ‘No longer is European law an incoming tide flowing up the estuaries of England. It is now like a tidal wave bringing down our sea walls and flowing inland over our fields and houses.’

    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification”
    Brock Chisholm, when director of the United Nations World Health Organisation.