PLEASE…..could anyone on wordpress tell me what “spammy words” are…..

David Davis 

….so I can get my comments onto other blogs here, and not get them blocked in real time because the duty-cybertron thinks I am a “SPAMBOT”…..?

Does anybody else also think that the chatty “WordPress style”, of instructions and admonitions, suits students on drugs and primary-school children of 13 or 14 in the UK only?

This is what I found I’d got sent to me;

Sorry, your comment has been blocked because you used a word normally reserved for spammers. If you are not a spam peddling robot, you can hit the back button in your browser and stop using spammy words.

2 responses to “PLEASE…..could anyone on wordpress tell me what “spammy words” are…..

  1. Dave:

    A Google search on “spammy words” will give you 190,000 citations, including lists of “spammy words.” These are words which will be detected in messages and blocked by the anti-spam engines.

    An interesting consequence of this is that spammers are busy trying to “poison” the Bayesin filters on the anti-spam engines by using strange combinations of words with “spammy words” included, so as to ‘poison’ the Bayesian statistical probability tables. Here’s how:

    All this comes under the rubric of C4ISR, information warfare. The topmost outfit in C4ISR is America’s National Security Agency.

    NSA’s British partner in the UK-US Intelligence-Sharing Agreement (which includes Canada, New Zealand and Australia) is GCHQ.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Wishes,


    PS: Fer Chrissake answer your incoming emails!!!

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