Horrible nasty news from the EU; which is to say, the EuSSR. Relates to Sean Gabb’s postings about “Banned Video back on web” and “the most astonishing video you will ever see.”

David Davis 

I was, strangely, going to write about “Europe” today. I just felt like it, thinking it’s time the blasted contraption got another push down the hill from us here. The subject was going to be

“What should British libertarians recommend and execute, regarding regime changes in nations on the European continent, when the EU shall have imploded and fallen, and it is the job of the Anglosphere (AGAIN) to put things right for the poor wretched people of this unfortunate collection of states?”

A short enough title for this blog, and I will deal with this matter ,but not today now – for something worse has come out of the woodwork;


Subj: [eurorealist] more from fascist europe 
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Nigel Farage on his blog and the UKIP website have brought to our attention a rather alarming situation that our colleagues in Portugal are about to find themselves in. The PND [Partido da Nova Democracia] under Manuel Montiero have some similar aims to ours, especially to regain control of their fishing and to oppose the constitution. However a new law comes into force in Portugal in March 2008 that states political parties must have 5000 registered members or they will be declared illegal. Additionally, the names and addresses of the members must be given to the Portuguese authorities. This will mean that ten of Portugal’s fourteen political parties will disappear and the PND is one of them. This intolerance to opposition means that new parties would never be created, existing ones become more powerful and they alone would control party funding.

This situation is caused by Article 191 of the Nice Treaty, regarding party funding. If it can happen in Portugal, it can happen here. A good reason to increase our membership as fast as possible. Although I hesitate to compare it, it does bring to mind the identification of Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. UKIP is currently safe from extinction on these grounds as we have more than three times that many members.



You’d better read it I suppose. I odn’t see what the f*****g business it is of the EUSoviet Praesidium if anybody wants to form a political party and if so, how big it is. I also can’t see how you get to 5,000 members, so you can be “legal”, without having rather less than 5,000 members for quite some time.

Perhaps my regime change scheme will have to be accompanied by force, like it was in 1944.

3 responses to “Horrible nasty news from the EU; which is to say, the EuSSR. Relates to Sean Gabb’s postings about “Banned Video back on web” and “the most astonishing video you will ever see.”

  1. Whilst it would hardly surprise me to find the UKIP s**t stirring, nonetheless as a Eruo-sceptic Liberal Democrat (yes, there are such things!) I thought it worth looking into. ISTM that this is either wilful stirring by the party concerned or wilful over-interpretation by the Portuguese government (not unknown here either of course). Section 191 deals with regulations for parties that want to apply for funding out of the EU budget. It has no intention to touch parties that fight national elections but not Euro ones and I can’t find anywhere at the various EU portal sites that refers to minimum limits or handing over lists of members’ names. It is the European Parliament’s version of the PPERA regulations for parties that want money from them.

  2. One thing that comes to mind is how in Belgium, a major Flemish political party has been wound up repeatedly, I think. It would thus not be a first for the authorities in an EU member to wind up political parties that they don’t like.

    Thinking of it in British terms, I don’t like the idea of a government quango having full lists of the members of political parties. That will put people off joining any political party that opposes the current politically correct establishment. After all, the police apparently already keep lists of people who have the wrong views on Islam, homosexuality, race and so on. It is very easy to see how whole party membership lists could be added to such lists for thought crimes imputed to them merely by reason of membership of a particular political party. Furthermore, how long will it be before the police are keeping lists of Euro-sceptics?

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