Peter Hain goes! Strangely, occasionally, thugs do fall off the rattling Labour gravy-Train.

Thanks to Guido from all round, for getting his teeth into Hain’s ankle early on, and hanging on in.

Why is it that that the more greasy a leftist or a Nazi is, the more likely it is that he/she will be eventually found with a hand in the till? This one is neither the first nor the last.

Really, any free citizen eligible to stand for something, ought to be allowed to get contributions to fight some election or other, from anywhere at all, so from a libertarian perspective i can’t see what the fuss is about. Now, I am prepared to accept some basic level of (non-Governmental) legal regulation of how (and from whom) “donations” of any size may be received. However, I will object to what I see coming next, which is that this and other sleazy scams will be used by this government (or another) to argue for State funding of (all) elections. this would be a bad development, ushering in a shutting-out of small, fringe or “unpopular” parties, and setting a sad grey European fascist sort of “proportional representation” in stone.

I remember the days when conservatives were always found, not with their hands in the till, but with their trousers down in the wrong house and (usually) with a lady who was not their wife. Perhaps their need for money was less pressing, and they were merely short of good, honest sex, with girls who did not resemble horses. Perhaps conservatives are having better sex at home these days, or else their wives have seen sense, as there is little tittle-tattle about what the buggers get up to; I do not know.

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One response to “Peter Hain goes! Strangely, occasionally, thugs do fall off the rattling Labour gravy-Train.

  1. Apparently Peter Hain is not quite so innocent as Ronnie Campbell who did not know what the word “fetish” meant.

    He said he has thousands, but his worst was the horses.