“Heath Ledger”…I thought this was something logged-into and kept by Eurosceptics, regarding Ted Heath’s crimes against the British.

David Davis 

A man called “Heath Ledger”, an unfortunate name to be sure, has apparently sadly died in pill-strewn circumstances in New York, aged 28. (They always do, these people; what is it about “pills”, and about the life they choose, that makes this method of death so popular? I only ask because I want to know.) 

I had no idea until this morning what he was known for, since I do not watch “movies” much at all unless they are called “The First of The Few”, the “The Dambusters”, or “Where Eagles Dare”, “The Hunt for Red October”, “Top Gun”,  “Sink the Bismarck!” (surprisingly powerful, sensitive and good when viewed by today’s youth who – through the action of Socialism – don’t know and don’t want to know anything at all about anything, and with very sound performances by Kenneth More and Dana Wynter), and “The Lord of the Rings”. Peter Jackson’s epic, possibly the Great Film of Our Time, is still a bit borderline for me although I consider the Book to be one of the most powerful literary works of Man’s Mind ever to be produced. It is going to be probably the best achievable realisation of my old lecturer’s Personal-Grand-English-Mythology, in practice, in this 21st century sociopolitical climate which we are forced for now to inhabit. (I am old enough to have had the great good fortune to hear the author himself, talking about it informally as digressions from his actual subjects of the day.)


I thought that a “Heath Ledger” was something kept by the society of Ted Heath Burners, until I discovered…..the media.

This is not to belittle the personal sorrow for his family, of this young man’s death. But the eulogies following him, even in the Torygraph, make him sound like the Pope, or even, dare we say it, Elvis. Was he the star of something that the left-mediarati idolize as a philosophy, despite the film’s largely-unwatched status, specially in the Mid-West, or was he just a good actor who will be missed? Again, I only ask because I want to know.

3 responses to ““Heath Ledger”…I thought this was something logged-into and kept by Eurosceptics, regarding Ted Heath’s crimes against the British.

  1. Ledger was a decent actor and a ‘pretty boy’.
    I quite liked him until Bumboy Mountain, which I couldn’t quite bring myself to watch.
    There’s always going to be a fuss when a young person in the media spotlight dies.

  2. FUCK YOU!!!!!


  3. Dear Ky (who has no link?) (Are you a caveman or what?)

    Thank you for your kind addition to the discussion here.

    You clearly have not read my piece. Read my last paragraph agin, and then think what to say. Ok?

    I only asked, as I say, because I want to know, why the film career of this poor young man was so important. I repeat that his death is a private tragedy for his family. You must agree. Surely?

    If so, then why were its circumstances made such a public spectacle of?