Putney Debates tonight

Antoine Clarke 

I’m the last minute change of speaker for tonight’s Putney Debates. For details, contact Tim Evans <tim [at] libertarian [dot] co [dot] uk>.

The title of my talk is ‘Change at the Top: How the US Election Process Works and What are the Opportunities for Ron Paul?’

My audience will mostly be British so it’s mostly about explaining just how decentralized the U.S. electoral system is. Because anyone turning up is likey to be a Libertarian, I shall be concentrating on Ron Paul’s campaign and what he can realistically hope to achieve. I shall try to post a summary of the talk somewhere.

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One response to “Putney Debates tonight

  1. “What Happens If Ron Paul is Assassinated?”

    [ FX: “FLASH…” ]

    This has to be one of the most inspired rants that I’ve read in a long time. Be absolutely sure that America’s NATO allies should be here to help Americans defend their Constitutional Rights…

    And be absolutely sure to read Part Two…