No blogging for four days! All LABloggers knackered: Long socialist Winterval holidays, but a good lot of nasty stuff about to occur, and 2008 will be a good year for trumpeting bad news….

The reader of this bolg will have been dismayed by the absence of our luminary prose since New Year’s Day. Fear not! Everyone in Britain is a still a bit relaxed right now, but there is hope, for there is a lot of interesting Darkness at the End of The Tunnel of Light.

For one thing today, I notice that “Jamie”, a chef, is billed as the man trying to “wean us off cheap meat“. For those of us brought up with rationing under socialism, cheap and freely-available meat is actually a wonder of modern capitalism, and not something to be ashamed of. We are the Lords of the Earth and not the “animals”, as the ALF calls them, and so long as Man (who owes no duties to animals as they have no Rights as such) protects them from unnecessary harm and pain, and kills them mercifully (like Allah I guess) then “cheap meat” is a boon to poor people, and ought not to be used as a football to butress the Prince of Wales’ position on what he has called “people’s obsession with cheap food”. I shall have much much more to say about food and libertarianism this year, as the Nazis are getting their teeth into it (in a manner of speaking.)

Light bulbs come on. I notice also that the guvmint (but only in the UK) has stopped manufacturers form making any more proper tunsgten-filament bulbs of 150watts rating or more. Next year they will close down 100-watters, and so on, until 2012 when the lights go out. So stock up on big, powerful, proper bulbs while you can. Not only are we to be their slaves, but we must eat what they say, and sit in the dark.

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  1. Good to see a new topic.

    I would disagree on Animal Rights, for the sort of reasons which are well argued (on both sides) in the Wiki Encyclopaedia entry on the subject.

    The issue hinges (for me) on the issue of consciousness and volition. A lifetime of living with animals and birds convinces me that they have consciousness and volition. This is why people find them to be good company (often better company than some of the people we see around). I’ve put my name on a list of volunteers for helicopter gunship missions in Russia to protect the Siberian tigers. While I would hope that I never had to fire on poachers to stop them killing, I would.

    The recent appalling shooting of Tatiana, a Siberian tigress who jumped a fence at San Francisco Zoo after apparently having rocks, tree branches and other missiles thrown at her by three drunken teenagers is a case in point. It is simply inexcusable that the police didn’t use anaesthetic darts, which could have dealt with the situation quite adequately. But then, many US police have few enough qualms about shooting hundreds of people every year, often for the most trivial reason (if any). This policy is being steadily inculcated into the British police, with predictably unhappy consequences.

    A word on light bulbs: As were millions of people, I was given six of the new bulbs for my apartment. The light is not quite sufficient for the living room, so I added a string of 160 red, gold, green and blue Christmas lights to brighten the place up… >:-}

    However, there are ultra-high-brighness cold LEDs on the way which will fix these problems. It seems rather odd that we still have $100 a barrel oil prices, when Iraqi fields are pumping more than prewar output. The marginal Texas producers must be having a field day. We should remember that it was Henry Kissinger who unleashed OPEC to fund the Shah’s US arms binge, after he and Nixon had cut and run in Vietnam. (I hope this isn’t too ‘defamatory’!)

    I must confess to eating quarter-pound cheeseburgers (with a guilty mind). The ones I eat are “40% beef” (it says on the packet). I guess that one day the clever food engineers will produce 0% beef cheeseburgers that taste good.

    It would be nice if they could also engineer steak bushes, to keep the tigers and other carnivores happy. >:-}



  2. Say whatever you want about Vietnam, Tony! You are more knowledgeable about it that even I am.
    And you and I both know that we (The West) were stabbed in the back by lefties at home. Goldwater as of course everyone knows know, had the right idea, and time was still on our side there.

    We actually won it, or could have done, if not out-media’d in the USA.

    You of course will know why the South Korean troops were withdrawn from S-Vietnam hastily and without televised, mediarised announcement.

    Happy new year! DD

  3. And, I am assured, by an old work colleague who was one of them, that the V-C would also RUN from even the rumour of Australians, let aone the reality. Perhaps he was embroidering the story, and perhaps he was not…..

  4. Thank you, Dave!

    I learned about Vietnam at a high cost.

    After Barry Goldwater’s Pyrrhic defeat in ’64, I started to think that we had lost the will to fight. I could have gone to Vietnam “unofficially”, but it was made clear to me that it was wildly illegal to fight in a war which Britain stood aloof from, and that I needn’t expect to come back. I resolved to do what I could to support America from here, and peppered various people with ideas on how to win the War. I always saw Vietnam in its wider role in George Kennan’s “Containment” strategy. (A close relative who lived with us worked in the American Interests Section at the Foreign Office: she was a strong Goldwater supporter, and I learned much more than I probably should have about what was going on. She and her US Army officer husband were lain to rest at Arlington).

    I was astonished when, in the ’60s, I started to read “the John Vann view” in the papers. The similarities with my own assessment were simply uncanny. Westmoreland’s strategy could only be carried out with a conscript army. They would drop the poor bastards in the middle of nowhere and lure the Communists into attacking them. They would then bomb Hell out of the whole area. Westmoreland’s calculation was that the kill ratio was favourable to him, and America had more conscripts than the Communists had people. So it was just a matter of time… He could never have gotten away with it with an All-Volunteer Military.

    Stories got back home of an incomprehensible war with appalling losses and horrors all round. The “Anti-War” movement was essentially an Anti-Draft Movement, and vanished with the stopping of the draft.

    Nixon and Kissinger campaigned for election as “hard-liners” even though they’d _already decided_ to sell the South out. Barry Goldwater described Nixon as “the most dishonest man he’d ever met in a lifetime in politics.”

    Two books stand out for me:

    “Decent Interval” by Frank Snepp, CIA’s chief analyst in Saigon; and

    “A Bright Shining Lie” by Neil Sheehan, chief War Correspondent for the New York Times.

    Here are several texts which help to understand. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of homeless veterans of the War in the frozen wastelands of America. They deserve better, as do the increasing number of veterans of Iraq I and Iraq II.


    Best Wishes,


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