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“How to make a chemistry set”

David Davis 

Let knowledge drive out your fear, as will always be the case, here and for ever.

We’re working on it.

PLEASE…..could anyone on wordpress tell me what “spammy words” are…..

David Davis 

….so I can get my comments onto other blogs here, and not get them blocked in real time because the duty-cybertron thinks I am a “SPAMBOT”…..?

Does anybody else also think that the chatty “WordPress style”, of instructions and admonitions, suits students on drugs and primary-school children of 13 or 14 in the UK only?

This is what I found I’d got sent to me;

Sorry, your comment has been blocked because you used a word normally reserved for spammers. If you are not a spam peddling robot, you can hit the back button in your browser and stop using spammy words.

What Hugo Chavez’s “facebook” page would look like….(I typed “Hogu” at first, then foolishly had to re-edit it. Ho Ho HO, you’d never have found it then!)

David Davis 

I HAVE to show this to you guys, it is soooooo funny.

 Here, sort of.

Er. Ummm. On second thoughts, it’s perhaps not that funny. Just a little bit, in a proper, Western, liberal, sort of satirical way.  Just true and sad. We laugh at our foes: they can’t – they have to KILL, because everything is SERIOUS. Buggers. Have to get rid of them before harm is done – to us, and (much later on as it’s far far bigger than we are, about 1E22 times!) to the Planet.

The problem that all lefties and other related nazis (Nazism is always on the Extreme Left, and ever will be, and no amount of ranting and hooting and rioting and Polly-Toynbeeing by socialists can change this axiom at all) eventually have, is that they become humorous in their own right, and the pleasure is all ours, for they Can’t See It.

It’s a square world, and the Slobodian* slobs have not got it even after nearly 50 years of Michael Bentine telling them it is. They go on and on and on, strutting, wearing shades, fried-egg-compilations of medals and sashes all over their fronts, and they continue to ride in phalanxes of glossy, black, German limousines. (MERCS FOR JERKS – has anybody written the wikipedia page for this yet? I do not know.) I guess it’s just like Ken Livingstone, although he’s so influenced (by the Huggy-Chav of course!) that he can’t find his shades by lunchtime.

* I’m sorry – I could not find a link to help you to describe “Slobodia”, if you are under approx age 58.

NB! This is a program trailer; If YOU have been affected by the issues in this file, or if you or any relation, or your “part ner” , been Pollytoynbeeized in any incident recently, in a Town near You, then we can help………… We are an accredited anti-Nazi Agency that can offer Counselling Services, if you feel that you have been distressed. Call o845 56710897 for free help and advice.

Problem: (University Philosophy Finals Exam, er, type of thingy. I don’t know, I’m a Bumpkin.)




Six reasons why you might choose to smoke

David Davis

Like my old friend Chris Tame, who abhorred smoking and thought it was a disgusting and filthy habit, but for some of his life worked for FOREST, and with deep sincerity about the necessary liberty of the individual to decide, I would not smoke even if you paid me. Well…… you’re offering, of course every Man has his price, but in my case it would be quite high, say £100,000 a year tax-paid, for life. You’d have to be able to wave goodbuy to about 5 million of capital.

The current lack of defence of smokers in the UK, in the face of a staggeringly cruel and merciless onslaught by the Nazi Smoke-Police, has I think its roots in the former hubris with which smokers freely (it was of course allowed) polluted the air in offices, rooms, trains, pubs and the like, without (mostly) asking if they might be allowed. When, until the late 70s, they were a majority of adults,  I guess this was tough but inevitable.

The point is, because we all felt so put-upon by their habit and its nasty smells, when we couldn’t do a thing about it, we are failing to defend Continue reading

Defending animal testing: Rights and Duties, in man and animals – NOW UPDATED Thursday 31st Jan with breaking news about the writer’s building…

24th November 2008…..thought I’d put this in from the Daily Mash.

Updated again….25th March 2008 … this post has got so many pageviews that I think a really proper article from the Libertarian Alliance, about this immensely important subject, examining the whole subject of Natural Rights, and whether these apply to “animals” as well as Humans, ought to be produced. AS we are unpaid amateur bloggers, I can’t guarantee when it will appear, but appear it must.

David Davis

[  UPDATE BIT INSERTED  ] The biological sciences building at UBC was “locked-down” (I guess that means closed off for security purposes) by Police, in response to a “threat”. I don’t know about you, but for me that means I bet you 5p it’s the “animal rights” terrorists wot dun it to this seemingly fine university, with a blog run by sensible, down-to-earth students….. I rate these ALF-type people as far, far, far more dangerous to the future of Man in the universe, and something serious will have to be done about them ,or we are f****d.  They are, in strict temporal-comparison terms, far more immediate and nearby, chronically underestimated, and potentially lethal to civilisation than the IRA, the “Palestinians” (whatever those might be,) the EU itself (which shall of course implode eventually) or “Radical” Islam. This latter one does not even get off the starting block for me, if you look at the long term effects of i-ware, pop bands, MacDonalds and fully-available-plus-half-naked-Euro-totty (mostly very nice too, wish we’d had some of this for ourselves in the 50s and early 60s) on “young Islamic men”. I might write a piece entitiled “HOW THE c-THRU CROP-TOP WILL SAVE THE WORLD.”

And now, here’s the original, unupdated post………………!

I chanced accidentally, via Mark Steyn (a bumpkin’s daily must-read, to banish the creeping, all-miasmic socialist-induced depression about the world and man’s fate) on the UBC commentary site, which approximates I guess to a student blog. The link I followed logged stuf about Mark’s and Ezra Levant’s battle with Modern Nazi Canadian Sondergerichte thingies, known as “Human Rights Commissions”. There is of course no place at all, for these wicked fascist organisations in free, grown-up nations such as Canada: a nation which, along with Poland and the rest of the British Empire, fought precapitalist-barbarian-leftism from the first day to the last in 1939-45 (and incidentally in 1914-18 too…) “People” who “staff” these grotesquely evil outfits, ought either to seek help for neuroses, or perhaps they ought to read some good history books. Then, if they refuse these two quite painless courses of help, then they ought to be asked whose side they are on in the present titanic struggle of Civilisation against…well…its opposite, and have to choose sides and fight for it.

But now, to animals!

So, scrolling down, I caught the fag-end of a debate about testing of drugs and the like, on animals. The article on the site was written by a 3rd-year Biochemisty “major” (so I guess I must have been one too, once! I still teach the stuff, and am amazed at what now is considered by today’s youngsters to be a matter of fact when we had no blinking clue earlier) who also incidentally does the site’s cartoons from time to time; it is common to find curiously polymathic scientists, the world over. His thesis is that (1) he thinks humans are more important than animals, then also (2) in order to minimize human suffering and danger in the advance of treatment for ills, it is necessary although not perfectly ideal morally to use animals, and (3) animals’ physiology and biochemistry approximates to living human systems, so minimizes the risk of error and failure to spot harmful side-effects of treatments.

I agree totally with all this. However, he has missed vital points.  If these processes violated “animal rights”, then we should have to deduce that IF animals have rights, that they also have duties – and the innate understanding that goes with identifying these. Since animals clearly owe no duties to anyone or anything identifiable (caring for the young even in “higher” (bad term!) animals is not a conscious obligation, merely a result of fully-formed largely helpless young being born in small numbers, and also some selection for survival-behaviour) then they can have no “rights” as defined in human terms, which have evolved and crystallised into our modern views of natural rights of Man.

That of course does not absolve thinking humans from the obligation to protect animals in our charge from unnecessary harm or pain. As animals, not being humans, can therefore be Man’s property, this provision allows the killing of animals (as painlessly as possible – I guess it’s curtains for “halal” meat, then…???) for food, and also the use of them for checking what happens when we give them new drugs etc. Had for example, the testing of drugs on PREGNANT mammals, for teratogenicity, been routine in the 1950s and 60s (naturally, it now is) then thalidomide would never have been licensed for use as a morning-sickness palliative for women, and would never have been described as being “entirely without  known side-effects”. (It was.)

Socialists, tree-hugging dropouts, hunt-saboteurs, social failures, and others who are viscerally-disposed to defend animals’ corner against man and his needs, ought to consider whether they are right to argue that Man is “for the planet”, or whether instead they are mistaken, and in fact “the planet is for Man”. No possible amount of the wearing of Iraq-1 (or even Iraq-2) faux-camouflage day-leisurewear (made in Vietnam) in the shopping-precincts of Bootle – or elsewhere, even when “doing hunts” – will increase the credibility of these people.

In the end, all the motives of such people come down to a kind of neo-pastoralist lament, supposedly for some past “golden age”, when Man lived in harmony with “his surroundings”, had no influence over them whatever, and “the Lion lay down with the Lamb”….I notice it was never “the Spider with the Insect”. Does anybody consider the rights of insects (animals too, see below) in respect of spiders (also animals?)

Does it always have to be Man who carries the can? If so, then why?

Do “animals rights” “activists” consider Drosophila Melanogaster (the Fruit Fly) to be an animal? It is. To a first approximation, mathematically, “ALL ANIMALS FLY”. Do they know that? Have they done the sums? Animals are not just comprised of furry brown-eyed mammals, and nought else. Many entire phyla of animals have eaten each other, in the normal course of their business, in the most contemporaneously-horrible ways, for hundreds and hundreds of millions of years, before we even arrived.

Finally, no scientist I have ever known wants, or has ever wanted, to be gratuitously cruel to animals.  My father was a scientist for the MAFF for 35 years after the war, and supervised among his other responsibilities (when MAFF was useful for something, such as helping farmers to extract more tons per acre, not like DEFRA now) a “room” and its own staff, which (room) I saw often, and which was full of quite large cages of white rats and mice, all carefully labelled and logged. The temperature was monitored 24/7, the staff knew exactly how old all the creatures were, and where, which cages had to be cleaned when, what amounts of food and water where to be given to what colonies at what hour, etc. I was even allowed to ” privately own” some of the creatures from time to time if I was a good boy, and I kept them at home, looking after them myself in my own cage system, and selling the babies in pairs for 2/6d a pair….if I thought the new owner was a responsible keeper. Yeah yeah whatever, slavery mumble groan knickers. I bought dinky Toys with the proceeds. And Mecanno. And Bayko rods and the like. (Floors are almost unobtainable these days.)

But neo-pastoralist lefties, posing as “scientists” (what a staggering corruption that was) such as Joseph Mengele both authorised and carried out personally the beheading of living human children, for “experiments” on “brains”.  I don’t think you’d get scientists doing this to animals, let alone humans, See and wiki their henchmen, Walter Darré, Adolf Hitler (who loved dogs) and Baldur von Schirach, those great reforming neo-pastoralist European socialists, who were all “kind to animals”, and also had strong views about “people” – particularly those whom their twisted, barbarian precapitalist strain of neopastoralism, led them  to regard as animals.

If proper classical Science was taught to 7-year-olds onwards, we owuld not have the problem of violent disputes over “animal” “rights”. Does anyone know if other advanced nations have such a problem?

A thousand people a day being phone-tapped in Britain. (I presume they stay on the “can-do” list after the first time?)

So why don’t we see any job ads in the Guardian, asking for phone-tappers? The (not any) people who (admit to) doing it must be very busy; the state must be needing a few more by now. Do you know any mates who you drink with, who say in the bar……”Pint for me mate, yeah, mate, busy-busy-busy! Cooooooooooooooor….. (cough)…. Had to tap 437 people’s phones today mate, I’m knackered….Yeah, boring! All them right wing bloggers….talk talk talk, all day, all that politicky stuff mate, and then there was that scribbler Memberofparlymont fella, you know, Guido, yeah him in Brussels that fella, he wot grassed up that Peter Hain fella….yeah, had to do him too coz’ it’s orderz yeah…….”

The Daily Telegraph had this leading this morning. 

Shocked, I then took a breath and got out my trusty slide rule and did some sums. Here is a powerpoint slide of the UK’s population breakdown, from something called the “Economic and Social Research Council” (Golly! That sounds like some awfully grand outfit! I wonder what it’s for?) For those who don’t have powerpoint, there are about 48 million adults available to phone-tap, since I don’t think even this administration is routinely tapping the phones of under-16s (but you never know!)

Assuming 1,000 orders a day, issued by about 600 “agencies” or “bodies” which allow themselves to do it (that’s heading for two a day for every, say, local council even) in 2006, there will be more by now. We are looking at about 400,000 people a year, or just under 1 in every 100 adults, targetted every year.

This is about eight times as many people as are in prison for anything at all.

So who might be a target for the state’s interest in his/her private communications? The article tells us that “Councils” are interested in “people suspected of fly-tipping”, for example. If this is the case, then it’s clearly nothing to do with “fighting terrorism”, for which, if it was just that, I could feel some slight sympathy.

But I just can’t get my head round there being 1% of the UK’s adults -and  a different 1% every year since once the state starts to tap you then I can’t see why it would stop – suspected of involvement, even most peripherally, with terrorism. If that was so, then, conservatively, 2 MILLION UK adults have become terrorist suspects after 9/11 alone.

They can’t be tapping street-sweepers, OAPs, shop-girls, socialist buskers and street-musicians, librarians, Tesco shelf-fillers, MacDonalds counter-staff, primary-school-teachers (if female which is most of them), hairdressers, gay-lesbian-transgendered-outreach workers, or Ethnic “community leaders”. That’s most adults accounted for. So who’s in the frame? 

Why do the buggers need to do this stuff?

Are they………

(1) prurient, pus-exuding, sad individuals who have a personality problem? Unlikely, although this profession will attract the few that have the personal misfortune to be this way. Rather like recruiting guards and bullying-staff, at the socialist extermination camps of Europe and Russia, from 1917 to 1990. I just don’t think we have enough of those, although I could be wrong in this century in Britain.

(2) just “Bureau Crats”? That is to say, intellectual socialist/utopians, driven autistico-pathologically by the NEED to MAKE SOCIETY BETTER? This is as as hypothsised by one of our brothers and sisters at Samizdata a little time ago: do they just feel compelled to collect information of whatever sort available, about everyone, in case it “may be useful someday”…?

(3) just tightening up on tax-collection? (They are bust after all…)

(4) finding out what everyone is up to so they can (a) either tell them to stop it coz’ they like the orgasm that gives them, or (b) blackmail them by threatening to tell their wife about what they’ve been caught doing? I guess this puts them in category (1) after all.

(5) just ordinary reporters for the “News of the World”, merely trawling for “footballers’ sex romps”? (Why is it that when a footballer is “caught” having “a night of passionate sex” with a “blonde hairdresser” who is (not) his present girlfriend, the papers always refer to it as a “romp“?)

(6) checking on whether, when we ring from Tesco for further instructions about what to get, we are NOT buying unapproved foods such as chips, sugar, burgers, salt, British meat of whatever kind, airfreighted blueberries from Peru, or whatever? And to make sure that we have cycled there?

Whatever the reason, I can’t think of a nation alive today where there might be as high a level of phone surveillance as this one – except perhaps Cuba or north Korea, where the only people who will be allowed phones are the bureaucrats themselves, and there are few enough that they can and MUST be watched. For the safety of the Dear Leaders.

More on the chemistry set. I invite comments from anyone about what ought to be done about the preposterous British GCSE “science” “syllabus”.

David Davis 

See title, and please feel free to comment!

Today, I tore up my afternoon lesson plans for my students (they are rather hypothetical anyway, it depends what I feel like educating them about after a morning think and a read of the papers) went out with a new cheapo German microscope by a firm called Bresser (I don’t know anything about this firm yet, but I could not leave the machine in a Lidl store for £39.95 just sitting there) and taught.

I used a collection of slides made by my father in the late 1930s when he was a botany/insect-physiology student at Imperial College, and the boys and girls were wowed. None ever imagined that small things in the Natural World could look the way they do.

The machine comes in a kit with a digital camera-thingy, a USB cable and software for Windows/Mac – you can display the image on-screen as well as shove optical eyepieces in and look at it traditionally.

Chemistry in British schools is similarly emasculated, and we need to change this fast, or we as a nation will sink into a new Dark Age of fear, un-knowing and credulousness, much-to-be-desired by wicked socialist politicians and “movers/shakers”.

These people hate us, for showing the world the Door Out Of Hell, pointing the way to it, and teaching the world How To Live.

PS (update) I am now convinced that ALL good chemistry sets should contain a small phial of Mercury (metal), say about 50 to 100 grams,  plus the apparatus needed for its proper handling and use to make stuff like small barometers etc – also for it ot be used as a mobile cathode in electroylsis experiments.