More great news about the death of anthropogenic global warming.

David Davis 

A good site is

and this…

and then this…

And people could sign this petition to force Al Gore to debate himself over his lies, not that he’ll take any notice (see my last comment below…)

Finally, for today, and thanks to Tony Hollick for spotting it (it’s also in his comment on a previous post) here is the URL for Martin Durkin’s great documentary on “The Great Global Warming Swindle.”

A thought has just occurred to me about Al Gore. Unless I’ve been asleep, he’s not been much in evidence these recent weeks – not like before. Could he be suffering from Hitleritis? Hitler was seen in public only twice after Stalingrad.

6 responses to “More great news about the death of anthropogenic global warming.

  1. Global Cooling

    AL Gore’s BS is all that. BS. It does not take an Environmentalist to figure that out. The powers that be want you to believe in what they are currently selling, and right now they are selling Global Warming (climate change). A sad Fact indeed.

  2. Quite right, it was BS all along. But he HAS gone sort of quiet…..has he really had his Stalingrad moment?

  3. Excellent video. I watched the whole thing. Did not have the 1 hour 13 minutes available but will have to servive on that much less sleep for tonight. I do love the idea of going solar when feasible. Even if man is not causing global warming, electricity does depend on using non-renewable sources of fuel. Preservation of non-renewable rosources should always be a priorty. I discuss affordable ways to bring solar to customers in my blog at Looks like global warming funding would be much bettter used in other areas!

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  5. I do not appreciate the comparison of Gore to Hitler.

  6. Then Gore ought to cease dictating to the planet’s human population how to live their lives. We in the LA do not dictate to people the kind of civilisation that’s the best: we know we are right, but we recommend and persuade. Gore wants to “Implement”.