The Most Astonishing Video You Will See on YouTube

Sean Gabb

9 responses to “The Most Astonishing Video You Will See on YouTube

  1. Too late – it’s vanished. What was it?

  2. “This video has been removed by the user”

    The most astonishing video we won’t see…

  3. What was it, it’s been removed by the user..?

  4. What was it about? (I got there too late.)

  5. I’m kind of hoping it has something to do with ladies’ boobies.


  7. I’ve downloaded the video. If it ever gets pulled from the web, then at least there is a stored one.

    Untilt hen, here is the other YouTube link :

  8. Why does everyone on youtube seem to insist on putting a (too loud!) bloody music tune over the top of the audio?
    Mostly unnecessary and always annoying – especially on this one.

  9. I wouldn’t do it if it was me. perhaps they just want to show off their computer-dubbing skills!