More personalised number plates and the cult of self-promotion. “Why do people advertise their identity in a Police State? Discuss…..”

This lot round here, no more than an 8-mile-radius, today and yesterday;

H1 2AKY (ZAKY?),    J4W DR (a dentist maybe?),   T700 RON (he must be called Ron!),   

 TO02 JAN (Let me guess! She must be Jan!)

A11BY B,    L100 MUM,    CCC 22,    ROG1E

S4NDY,    2LEY,    K9REN,   

B11XUM  (good one this! I wonder what she’s like? How big are her breasts?)    

M85  6LAM (it’s meant to look like “Mrs Glam”, I’ve seen her…..)

And in this afternoon,

SI’5 TOY,   K300RYN,   X  8ARY,   and…..

LJ52 LEE (I thought that Theodore Dalrymple said that 50% of all men called “Lee” are in Prison)…and…

CI-IYLL,    X  14YNE  (the “I” had a bottomleft-serif on it)


G Y02SEF (Good! The cargo-cult of numberplates is spreading; maybe The West will win the War after all.) He’s always outside the same house. I know where he works, what he sells, what car he drives (of course) and how well his takeaways are doing.

I still wonder why, libertarian considerations about the goodandrightness and theoretical harmlessness of advertising one’s individuality apart, people still do it. And yet do it in such a way that you CAN work out who they are, where they live, and stuff?

And when you can find out in short order where they live, by driving around for a few weeks, after two or three sightings of their car(s)? In a Police State? Where criminals for example are routed by the absence of the Police to the right houses to burgle in Formby (for example only!) ??

The mass of the Poles got by under communism by being as anonymous as possible. With the coming Dark Age, coupled with the threat of state-identity-granting/management, I owuld have thought that any advertisement of your selfhood was to be avoided.

Or have I missed something vital? 

2 responses to “More personalised number plates and the cult of self-promotion. “Why do people advertise their identity in a Police State? Discuss…..”

  1. No, you haven’t missed anything, it’s just that people are used to the idea they live in a free society and are waking up slowly to what’s happened.

    But I think people are waking up. Just my own personal experience, but conversations that would have seemed tinfoil-hatty a few years ago are now much more common, be they among smokers huddled outside pubs fearful of an on the spot state-theft, or parents scared of the state’s soviet intrusion into child rearing and a real, palbable fear of government baby snatching. People are getting scared to open their mouths, fearful of being overheard. Just the other day I went out into my local’s tobacco garden and two guys having a quiet rant about immigration went as silent as if a Stasi man had walked in. I hardly look the secret policeman part, being a longhair in a Hawkwind tee-shirt and leather jacket– but of course who can we trust not to report us for incorrect speech these days?

    Daresay come to think my old rocker look may imply I’m a bit of a lefty. Hmmm.

    I fink there’s a feeling in the air. When the black girl in my local petrol station Spar starts ranting about there being so many languages she doesn’t know what country she’s in and she wishes they’d get rid of all the rude drunken Poles (and then goes deathly schtum when a Plod walks in), when the Asian who runs my local newsagent unprompted starts complaining about the guvmint having lost control of immigration, when a solicitor handling my Mum’s death recently breaks into a rant about the insane replacement for power of attorney, when nurses and carers moan that elf’n’safety is killing their ability to do their job, when my formerly pretty apolitical brother in law’s brother in law bursts into an unstoppable rant about building regulations and planning laws wrecking his business, when it seems you can’t find *anybody* who feels the country is heading anywhere but down the toilet…

    I think the divide between the Insiders and the Outsiders, the Rulers and the Ruled, the Enemy Class and Everybody Else, is reaching a critical point.

  2. Agreed. We’re coming to the point where we live forever as sheep or stand up as men.